The Mediaah! Dubious Achievement Awards 2013

31 Dec,2013


Okay, folks. The now-regular MxMIndia special on the last day of the year: the Mediaah! Dubious Achievement Awards 2013.


Before we set out to presenting them, a request: these ought to be taken in the right spirit and wherever required, be seen as indicators for improvement. As they say in Bambaiyya: dil mein mat lena


The NitiCentral Award for being Always Right


for well, do we need to really spell it out?


The Sachin Tendulkar will-he-wont-he Award

to Sam Balsara

Every time a Martin Sorrell and Maurice Levy come to India, that’s the question which they are asked: are they buying Sam Balsara. But like the master blaster, Sam is also keeping the entire industry and will do it when he thinks the time is right


The N ‘BCCI’ Srinivasan Award for Not Budging from his Kursi Award

to Colvyn Harris

for continuing to stay on as CEO of JWT even after the Ford Figo fake ad scandal rocked his agency


The Angry Bird Award for Terrorising the Media, okay pigs

to Twitter

for doing to the media what governments, underworld, corporates have not been able to do

Runner up: Facebook


The Andha Kanoon Award

to Soli Sorbajee, Ombudsman of NDTV

for ducking the real issues afflicting the news network (and the news media) and giving inane responses to complainants


The S Sreesanth Award for being a ‘kalank’ on the fraternity

to Tarun Tejpal

The tag of corruption and unethical practices has been plaguing news media for a while and Tarun Tejpal took the rep of editors to a new low with his alleged act with a young journalist who treated him like her father


The Datta Samant Award

to Saira Menezes and the People Magazine team

for fighting for their rights with the Outlook management even if it meant doing it via the Labour Court



Indrajit Gupta & team, former Forbes India editor and his team of senior eds


The Main Chup Rahoongi prize

to Churumuri/Sans Serif

for keeping quiet when it needed to be most vocal on the sudden closure of the Outlook group’s People, Marie Claire and GEO magazine and the forced resignations of most of the staff because the blogger is also Editor of flagship Outlook magazine


The Sachin Tendulkar record-breaking performance

to Srinivasan K ‘Sundar’ Swamy

for showing the other ad & marketing associations/clubs how it’s not too difficult being hyperactive and purposeful


The Modi Xerox Copy is Better than the Original Award

to DNA’s Page 2 Society Special

for turning out to be better than the more than just inspired from Mumbai Mirror’s dna’s page 2 society-watch column


The Albert Einstein Award

to various creative gurus

for plagiarising from international creatives and then saying great minds think alike


The Bata Hawaii Chappal Award

to Rajdeep Sardesai

for flip-flopping on whether to turn left or right.


The Mulayam Singh Yadav Blood is thicker than Water Award

to N Ram and family

for reinstating his family to helm the business a year after bringing in top-notch professionals to steer the ship


The Bernard Madoff Award for getting rich and screw all principles:

to most media managements

for putting making money above the basic tenets of journalism and newsgathering


The Mine is Bigger than Yours Filmi Khans Award

to news channels

For all claiming to be the number one news channel at the same time, confusing the hell out of viewers.


The Push Me-Pull You Dr Dolittle Award

to The Times of India and Hindustan Times editions in Delhi

for each claiming that they are The One.


The Tehelka Award for Tell-Alls on Media Houses

to Caravan Magazine

for revealing everything you wanted to know and even what you didn’t about Arnab Goswami, The Jains, Network 18…


The Red Bull Award for Energizing Employees

to Abhijit Avasthi

for the first man in advertising to talk about how the Creative Abbies weren’t energizing his team any more


The Who-Cares-About-Brevity-Being-the-Soul-of-Wit Award

also to Caravan Magazine

for saying in a 100,000,000,000 words what could be said in a 1000.


The Invisible Man Award

to NDTV’s Prannoy Roy

for playing hide and seek with viewers.


And finally

The Not Manmohan Singh Award for Staying Silent when the Nation Wants to Know

remained with Arnab Goswami

for deafening the people of India most successfully again. The pointing finger points… and heaven help Meenakshi Lekhi if it’s pointing at her.


also awarded to Arnab for the same reason:

The Vicks ki Goli Award for Shouting at the Mighty and not Losing his Voice (and job) Award


Contributed by Ranjona Banerji and Pradyuman Maheshwari


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