Ogilvy’s most envied: The Google Ad

17 Dec,2013


A quick chat with Sukesh Nayak, Group Creative Director and the writer of the Google ad, that has been receiving rave reviews since it launched last month. Sukesh and team were awarded the ‘Most Envied’ Envie award held on Monday, Dec 16 in Mumbai.


So would you rate winning the ‘Most Envied’ award as the ultimate accolade?

Yes, I personally admire the work of various members of the jury. And the fact that they chose this for the award is a great recognition.


And how has the ad done for your client?

Oh fantastic. It is really unfortunate they couldn’t make it for the Envies. The head of marketing was supposed to come down. From the conversations we’ve had with them, it’s been amazing.


We saw Piyush in tears…

Oh, he has been crying since he has seen the offline version.  He is my mentor. I wanted to get into advertising  ever since I saw his Fevicol ad when I was in college. I gave up banking for this. I am so happy today, It has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.


Tell us about how the ad came about

Well, I wrote the film. And of course along with the entire team which was on stage. We had around five scripts we were pitching for this project, and this was one of them. As an agency, Keenu (Abhijit Avasthi) and I felt that this is the film that we would recommend if the client asks us ‘Which one do you recommend’. Luckily for us, that question never come because even they as a team came back saying this is film we want to do.


Once the basic script was there then everybody I think I would credit every single person in the team. You know there are small little nuances if you have seen the film. Things like search… .So the basic script is there now everybody has got into it, I have got help from the planning people, I’ve got help from the account management people.


But the film I wrote was only 85 per cent of what you see. The rest was added by the director, Piyush himself, Keenu… a great team effort.


We saw Amitabh Bachchan having a long chat with you on stage?

Oh, he was asking whether I have any personal memories or any family history of Partition.. how could you write something like this.


And so what did you say?

I was telling him about how a friend’s friend from my school in Dehradun who was in Delhi and how his grandfather came to India overnight, with nothing in hand. Today, he is a big industrialist in Delhi.


The ad is a rage in Pakistan too…

Yes, I heard that. You know we knew we had a good film, but we honestly had no idea that this is what it would become. It is very overwhelming for me personally because as you know in our business it’s all about…what are you going to do next.


So what are you going to do next?

I am screwed. It’s a great feeling. It feels awesome. But to beat this is going to be tough.


Any thoughts of getting into big bad world of Bollywood?

Honestly, haven’t thought about it. I think the best part of my job is being able to tell a story… whatever be the medium. That is something I really enjoy. I haven’t really thought about anything beyond this, because I am loving it so much. I am at my desk at work at 9am. I am the first guy in office because I just love to go there and work. That way, I get two hours of a clear window to work…then I do admin work the whole day.



Like I told you, I was not meant to do this, I was doing something else in my life. I got into this by complete fluke. And I am really thankful to people who gave me break. I It’s the best job I can ever have. Like Mr Bachchan said: you enjoy it, you just get better at it.


More reports on Ogilvy’s Envies tomorrow


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