Boxing champ Mary Kom is Vodafone’s global brand ambassador

24 Dec,2013

By John Sarkar


Beginning next year, Indian boxing champ Mary Kom will become the global brand ambassador for British multinational telecom company Vodafone.


The London Olympic bronze medallist from Manipur has not only knocked out other Asian contenders for the role, but she has also dealt a severe body blow to the widespread Indian prejudice that fails to look beyond cricket for multi-crore celebrity-endorsements.


According to people familiar with the development, the diminutive Kom, a five-time World Boxing champion and mother of two, has been shortlisted from a group of at least 25 other Asian athletes for Vodafone’s new social media-led brand engagement strategy ‘Vodafone Firsts’ that will be activated across up to 30 countries. When asked about the details of the relationship, a Vodafone spokeswoman from London refused to comment. “We will share more information closer to the launch,” she said.


In what may come across as a strange turn of fate, Vodafone will activate its first ‘First’ services in London early next year, the city where Kom won her first Olympic medal. “At the launch, Vodafone will help create the world’s first multi-sensory fireworks display, in partnership with the mayor of London and food scientists Bompas & Parr,” the telecom giant said in a statement. “Meanwhile, a free Vodafone augmented reality smartphone app will enable millions more to join in the experience, wherever they are.”


According to Vodafone Group brand director Barbara Haase, the ‘Firsts’ concept is simple. “We know that our technology can enable and inspire people to do something amazing for the first time, from making their first call to sharing their first video. Firsts is designed to reflect that sense of empowerment by using our technology and connectivity to enable a diverse range of people to achieve their remarkable ambitions.”


“Vodafone has made a good choice. Many people, even those who don’t follow boxing, will identify with the Mary Kom story,” says Santosh Desai, brand expert and CEO & MD of Futurebrands India. “In a sport with no money, she has shown a lot of grit. Despite being a mother of two and coming from a so-called backward part of the country, she has shown class at the highest level.”



Source:The Economic Times

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