A request from MxMIndia: Please go out and Vote!

04 Dec,2013

It’s Wednesday, December 4, 2013, and it’s Voting Day in Delhi for 70 Assembly seats (and 40 Assembly seats in Mizoram).


Although there have been announcements of a paid leave in Delhi, given that a large number people – especially in the media – flock to Gurgaon and Noida where there are no elections, it’s business as usual.


There have been concessions given on coming in a few hours late allowing people to vote. We think it’s important to not just give these concessions but also some incentives. Show the indelible ink and get a scoop of ice cream or beer. Or some such.


Do whatever, but vote one must. We keep cribbing about how the corruption. The rising prices. The general decay.


Participating in the polling process is a good way to help make our country a better place to live in. So, go out and cast your vote.


And await the exit poll results from this evening and the final counting on Sunday, December 8.


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