A Moment of Silence

16 Dec,2013




It’s been a horrible year. On December 16, 2012, a young Delhi girl was gangraped and the best of the medical attention and prayers couldn’t save her.


There have been innumerable cases even after that. Some have got highlighted, and the culprit(s) brought to book.


A photojournalist was assaulted when on an assignment in Mumbai, another journalist was victimised by her highprofile editor and mentor on the sidelines of an event in Goa… we could talk about several cases. Rape, molestation, harrassment happen with much regularity.


These have been on since time immemorial, one may argue. Perhaps. But a vigilant news community and a belligerent social media can ensure that the guilty don’t go away a scotfree, thereby acting as a deterrant.


Acts like these require the news media to go beyond being mute observers. Not many may agree with this. Activisty has many negative connotations these days. Whatever. Let’s resolve – this December 16 and on every day of the year – to ensure that women (and men) can live without any fear. In peace.


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