The MxMIndia Annual #2: Hum 2, Humaare 2

22 Nov,2013


It’s been a little over two years since MxMIndia took off. It is indeed too good to be two.


We started MxMIndia with several objectives, but the means of achieving these were very important. The reader is on top of our value chain. Our primary allegiance is hence always to you, dear reader. Stakeholder profits, advertising revenues and relationships come later. This of course is with an understanding that by serving readers and engaging with them adequately, we would serve other interests as well. We believed that revenue considerations needn’t necessarily influence editorial integrity in a B2B publication.


And how are we doing? We think we have served our readers and all our constituents fairly well. Yes, we aren’t making monies as of now, but that will happen. Hum Honge Kaamyaab. Not just ek din, but soon.


Okay, this isn’t the reason why we are dedicating this prime space for this special announcement. It’s about our Second Annual. Work on it has been on since a few months and instead of the usual classification of our Annual under media genres, our theme is a little hat ke.


Since we have completed two years, we played with the number two and the theme is titled ‘Hum 2, Humaare 2’. We wondering whether we should spell the two as ‘Do’ or ‘Doh’. So we just decided to make it simpler and used the numeral instead.


It’s about the Man, the Woman, the teenage child and a younger one. It is about how these consumers are changing, and how media and marketers should interact with them. And have been interacting with them.


We have already spoken to a fair number of industry captains and are doing so as you read this.


The issue is scheduled to be out next month.


If you wish to participate in the issue by way of contributing editorially or by way of advertising, contact: Ritu Midha or Rishi Vora for editorial ( and respectively) and Unni or Ramesh for Sales ( and respectively). Please also cc for editorial and for sales.


The telephone number for both editorial and sales is 9833872678. Ideally text us, and we’ll have someone get back to you asap.


Meanwhile, please await the Annual. It’s going to be fun, insightful and unputdownable.


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