Martin Sorrell to a do a monthly show for CNBC-TV18

28 Nov,2013

By A Correspondent


So what’s Sir Martin Sorrell doing these days? Betting big on China of course as he did in a signed article in London’s Daily Telegraph last Saturday. It’s interesting hence to note that the world’s most powerful name in advertising and marketing services is going to doing a show titled ’30 Minutes with Martin Sorrell’ for our own CNBC-TV18.


This new monthly half-hour programme (subject, of course to his hectic schedule, a communiqué from the channel adds) will kick off from tomorrow, that’s Friday, November 29 at 7pm.


The show will be hosted by Anant Rangaswami, Editor of Storyboard and Senior Editor of Firstpost. Each month, Mr Rangaswami will speak to the WPP CEO on recent and imminent developments from the world of media, advertising and marketing.


Although CNBC-TV18 via its PR agency Good Relations India did not part with the transcript of what Sir Sorrell said, a communiqué says that among the key issues the show will cover on Friday will be Twitter’s revenue model and valuation, the rumour that WPP will buy IPG, why big retail should be bothered about Chinese ambitions and finally the WPP captain’s prognosis for calendar year 2014.


Interestingly, this is what Sir Sorrell wrote about India in the Telegraph article: “India may remain in stasis after the election, as no party will have a clear majority and a coalition will continue to compromise.” And on China? “I’m very bullish on a China with strong new leadership following the Twelfth Five Year Plan and the Third Plenum of the Eighteenth Party Congress – when did a Western government set out such a detailed and comprehensive plan?”


The 68-year-old media baron believes “next really big thing, or things, will be coming from China”. Perhaps it/they will. Meanwhile, let’s wait for what he says on his own show this week and then, month after month.


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