Tanishq’s new ad: Brave or Pseudo?

29 Oct,2013

Diwali is when Indian advertising celebrates its traditions. Deep fried jalebis, firecrackers and diyas, happy joint families with shimmering clothes and set relationships. Tanishq, however, has something else in store beyond an elaborate polki neckpiece – a dusky bride who already has a daughter.


The Lowe Lintas advertisement, directed by Gauri Shinde, breaks two stereotypes in one go – and it’s triggered off a debate, generating critiques as well as tribute. Charmy Harikrishnan rounded up reactions from inside the industry and outside. Gauri Shinde, director says, “For me this is normal, this is what happens. But when you see remarriage in an advertisement, for the people it is a reassurance of what happens in real life.”


Anuja Chauhan, writer and former executive creative director of JWT says, “It’s showing a very real, happening-all-around-us situation. It’s missing some of Tanishq sparkle though – feels a little stilted, almost Raymond-ish. Their ads are usually livelier. But the thought is nice, and definitely overdue in the category.”


Nandita Das, actor and poster girl of ‘Dark is Beautiful campaign’ says, “I am pleasantly surprised. I am glad that Tanishq has made this brave ad and going by the response our campaign has got, I am sure they will see an amazingly encouraging response. And that might motivate others to follow suit.”


Prathap Suthan

Prathap Suthan, managing partner, Bang in the Middle says, “I like the casting, and the dusky bride, and the overall stepping out of tradition. I am also glad that Lowe for all the battering it gets for Fair & Lovely, sort of blunts that attack with this one commercial. Instead of the tried and tired route of focusing on a regular marriage scenario, this steps into taboo-land, the never-explored and deliberately ignored area of second marriages.”


Urvashi Butalia, publisher and writer says, “The ad is certainly unusual and perhaps there’s hope yet. It also goes to show that it takes so little to do something different, and I wonder why advertisers are so scared of going beyond the given easy options.”


Manish Bhatt

Manish Bhatt, Founder Director at Scarecrow Communications says, “I saw it trending big time on all the social network sites but the kind of people commenting have nothing to do either with the brand or with the cause. The purpose of every piece of advertising is to close the loop with the product or the brand message. I see that missing in this spot – it appears to be a pseudo support for such a sensitive subject.”




Piyush Pandey

Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & National Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather India says, “I think it’s a brave ad and a great concept. Any leader must take such little chances of taking the society forward. I don’t think we should be at all critical about this ad. Then we will stay in the past.


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