Social media campaigns can swing 3-4% of votes: IAMAI-IMRB

09 Oct,2013

By A Correspondent


This is a report that political parties and their campaign managers will make a rush for. According to the report ‘Social Media in India – 2013’ by the Internet and Mobile Association Of India (IAMAI) and IMRB, released on Tuesday (Oct 8), the number of social media users in urban India would reach 86 million this month and 91 million by end-2013.


Social media users in urban India are expected to grow by 19% between June and December this year. The report further found that 19.8 million users use mobile phones to access social media platforms in urban India.


Based on the number of eligible voters, data of actual voter turnout from the Election Commission of India and field interviews, the report estimates that there could be a vote swing of 3-4% in 24 states – states where the internet users are sizeable. The vote swingers can be pre-dominantly young men and non-working women whose affiliation towards social media is high.


Talking to representatives of major political parties in India, the report also found that parties have earmarked around 2-5% of their election budgets for social media. While political parties are gradually investing in social media, corporate have long realized the importance of the medium. Corporates are spending nearly 13% of their digital advertising budget on social media in FY2012-2013, according to the report. It was only 10% in FY2011-12.


Predictably, the report finds that the highest proportion of social media usage in the Top 4 metros and the non-metros was among the demographic segment “Young Men” with 30% and 26% penetration levels respectively.



Interestingly, the report finds that younger women are increasingly using social media, whereas, in the other metros and small metros, “College-going Students” show the highest proportion of social media usage. “Working Women” demographic segment is observed as having the lowest proportion of social media usage in other, small and non-metros whereas they show a moderate proportion of social media usage in the Top 4 metros.


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