Oh dear! Indians find gifting to partners a pain

31 Oct,2013

By A Correspondent


Over half of Indians find their partner the hardest person to buy gifts for, with men being particularly perplexed by the prospect; 59 percent of them find their partner’s gift the toughest choice of present to buy compared to 46 percent of women, according to new ‘Giftology’ research by Titan Watches.


The research also reveals a pronounced difference in ‘gift perplexity’ levels between age groups; a staggering two thirds of Indian 35-44 year-olds find selecting their partner’s gift the toughest choice of all, compared to just 32% of 18-24 year olds who appear far more comfortable with the process.


When it comes to receiving gifts, however, Indians do overcome this particular confusion with ease; with 60% revealing that their spouses and partners still give them the best presents each season. They have a far better track record than Indians’ friends, who systematically buy their worst gifts for each other during the festive season; according to the research, 38% of Indians receive their worst gifts from their friends.


Rajan Amba, Titan’s Global Marketing & Product Head, describes the Giftology research as an insightful look at the trends in gifting that the Indian customers will face this festive season.


“Some of the findings will certainly strike a chord on both sides of the gifting process. While Indians find it hardest of all to select the right gift for those closest to them; in practice, the majority still rise to the challenge – 60% of respondents still cite their partner’s gift as the best of all. Giftology is a science which – like a good wine – gets better with age; while only 20% of 18-24 year olds find it easiest to buy gifts for their partner, that figure more than doubles (46%) amongst gift givers aged 55 or over,” said Mr Rajan highlighting another of the survey’s key findings; the fact that friends seem to receive the worst presents from each other.


“Friends are consistently the worst gift buyers; it’s also notable that they are – however – rarely cited as being difficult to buy gifts for (just 9% consider them the hardest gifts to purchase). In light of this, it appears that Indian’s consider friends’ gifts a pretty straightforward purchase; perhaps they don’t dedicate as much care and attention to the selection as they could. The result; the least satisfying gifts all round,” Rajan asserted.


“In short, the more care and attention we apply to the gift process – i.e. the higher the level of ‘gift perplexity’ – the better the result for both giver and recipient. Now, there is a valuable insight this festive season!”


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