Jaldi 5 with Jasmin Sohrabji: Digital is always a focus for Omnicom Media Group

10 Oct,2013

By A Correspondent


It’s been around a fortnight since the Omnicom Media Group announced the setting up of PHD, its second media agency in India. Some six years back, OMD opened shop and has since been recognized by all – competition included – as an established player in the Indian market.

Although she didn’t reveal revenue targets, Jasmin Sohrabji, Chief Executive Officer – South East Asia and India of Omnicom Media Group spoke on the setting up of PHD, client acquisition and how digital is huge for Omnicom.


01. OMD started operating in India in 2007. So why did it take so much time for PHD to take off in India, especially since it’s been here informally in the country for almost a year?

We wanted to establish OMD’s value proposition clearly in the Indian market, and consolidate operations before launching our second brand. In the short span of six years, OMD has carved a distinct identity for itself in the market and provided Omnicom Media Group a strong base to launch PHD.


02. From the year-odd that PHD has been in India, are there any learnings for the way the business is done here vis-a-vis other markets?

While it’s still early days, we expect to see PHD India as a strong shining star within the global network given the focus on planning and digital already in our group’s DNA in India.


03. The Unilever digital business is with you in India. Are you expecting other alignments to happen soon?

Going forward there will be some restructuring and realignments for PHD India including HP, HTC, SC Johnson etc


04. Is there too much reliance on these alignments happening, or is this what you expect will happen in terms of commitments?

Global alignments provide an opportunity not a guarantee of business. Like OMD, we will grow PHD from wherever opportunities come, globally, regionally and locally.


05. Digital is typically what PHD is focused on. But in India, the spends (and if one may even add trust) on digital isn’t much with the budgets of even the big spenders being very small. In what way are you looking at evangelising the medium?

Not just at the brand level, digital is always a focus for Omnicom Media Group. In India, digital accounts for a significant percentage of our growth and we see this only scaling further.


5a. Are you going to be working with creative solution providers externally or in the long run will you have some resources inhouse?

We operate on a flexible model, with both internal resourcing as well as strategic partners.


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