Worldwide ad growth buoyed by digital, mobile adoption

26 Sep,2013

By A Correspondent


Global ad spending will rise 2.8% to more than half a trillion dollars in 2013, driven by continued adoption of digital devices and internet connectivity, according to eMarketer’s latest Global Media Intelligence Report, produced in collaboration with Starcom MediaVest Group.


Still, the global economy is in recovery mode, and while total media ad spending will be up this year, the rate of increase will not be particularly strong. eMarketer estimates ad expenditures will rise 2.8% worldwide to $517.10 billion, compared to last year’s 4.4% spending increase. There are no India-specific numbers with what has been shared with us.



Digital, however, is a bright spot-particularly mobile. eMarketer estimates spending on digital advertising will reach $117.60 billion this year, up 13.0% compared to 2012 levels, while mobile spending will hit nearly $15.82 billion, representing a whopping 79.7% year-over-year increase.



Much of the spending growth stems from broader digital adoption on the part of consumers. The full report, which covers six major regions-including Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North America, and Latin America-and 40 countries, paints a picture of continued device adoption globally.


Key figures on media usage and spending from the report include:

:: Internet users: More than 36% of the global population today, compared to 21.7% in 2008

:: Mobile phone users: 60.7% of the population this year, compared to 40.0% in 2008

:: Smartphone users: Just under one-third of mobile users and about 20% of the global population, compared to 3.7% of mobile users and 1.5% of the population in 2008

:: Social network users: About a quarter of the global population, compared to 8.3% in 2008

:: Facebook users: More than 15% of the global population, compared to 3.1% in 2008

:: Total ad spending: $517.10 billion in 2013, up 2.8% from last year, compared to $484.30 billion in 2008

:: Digital ad spending: 22% of total ad spending in 2013, compared to 12% in 2008

:: Mobile ad spending: Just 2.6% of total ad spending and 11.9% of digital ad spending, compared to 2.1% in 2008


The Global Media Intelligence report is eMarketer’s largest and most comprehensive snapshot of the state of media usage and spending globally. The report contains more than 700 charts collected from over150 global research sources, which SMG helped identify and gather for local and core global markets, in addition to benchmarks, analysis and context provided by eMarketer.


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