Weekend Exxxtra: One in 3 parents in India don’t understand what their child does for a living: LinkedIn study

13 Sep,2013

By A Correspondent


One in three parents in India admit they are unfamiliar with what their child does for a living and so may find it challenging to provide the right advice to support their child’s success. Interestingly, 90 per cent of the Indian parents surveyed agree that they could benefit their child if they had a better understanding of what he/she did at the job. These were findings of global survey by online professional networking platform LinkedIn which was also conducted in India.


‘LinkedIn Bring in Your Parents Day’ is a way to help bridge this gap by bringing parents and their children together at the workplace, so they can learn from each other.


LinkedIn has announced ‘LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day’, on Thursday, November 7, 2013 to help bridge this gap by bringing parents and their children together at the workplace, so they can learn from each other. Professionals are encouraged to invite their parents into their workplace to provide them with a first-hand look and greater understanding of what they actually do every day.


Nishant Rao

“With a plethora of options available to professionals today it is plausible to say that most parents may not completely comprehend what their children really do at work each day”, said Nishant Rao, LinkedIn India’s Country Manager. “By introducing LinkedIn Bring in Your Parents Day we not only attempt to bridge the gap between parents and their children, but also let professionals in India provide their folks a glimpse into what they do at work, and in return, takeaway valuable lessons and even greater appreciation from their parents.”


The survey further reveals that two third of parents surveyed want to learn more about what job their child does. In India 65 per cent of parents surveyed are familiar with the job/career that their children pursue. Globally, careers such as social media manager, investment banker and sociologist are among the top 10 professions that parents are least likely to comprehend. While in India, this list includes professions such as care nurse, sub editor and radio producer.


37 per cent of Indian parents surveyed would like their children to pursue a career path similar to theirs; the highest globally. However, when it comes to working in a preferred industry, Indian parents have varied views. Contrary to popular belief, a mere 28 per cent of Indian parents, want their children to become doctors, while 40 per cent of them would like to see their children employed in a finance-related job, making it one of the most coveted jobs/ sectors. According to the survey, a large number of Indian professionals (36 per cent) also look forward to bagging a job in finance. It is interesting to note that only 1 per cent of the parents surveyed want their children to become politicians.


The top 10 misunderstood jobs in India, with the percentage of parents who weren’t confident in their ability to describe the job are:

1. Lumberjack (75 per cent)

2. User Interface designer (64 per cent)

3. Actuary (64 per cent)

4. Radio producer (59 per cent)

5. Care Nurse (55 per cent)

6. Fire-fighter (55 per cent)

7. Laboratory technician (53 per cent)

8. Sub-editor (52 per cent)

9. Veterinarian (52 per cent)

10. Data Scientist (51 per cent)


LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day will be held in 14 countries including the United Kingdom, United States, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Australia, India, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. Many companies have confirmed their participation.


We enourage – parent, employees, and businesses in media, advertising and marketing to participate. Details at www.LinkedInBringInYourParents.com.


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