TV viewership maximization tool Ormax Brand Matrix launched

11 Sep,2013

By A Correspondent


Media insights firm Ormax Media announced the launch of Ormax Brand Matrix (OBM), a viewership maximization tool. Broadcasters across categories can use OBM to identify a focused plan to increase viewership by upto 20% within six months, notes a communique, adding: The tool has been created using Ormax Media’s expertise in the area of television insights, built over more than five years, with an experience of working across 55 television channels in India.


Said Shailesh Kapoor, CEO, Ormax Media: “Channels make huge investments, both in terms of time and money, to increase their viewership. But it is well-known how difficult getting new viewers, or more time-spent from existing viewers, can be. Traditionally, viewers have been segmented by age, gender, markets, SEC and intensity of viewing, such as heavy and light viewers. In Ormax Brand Matrix, we have turned the idea of viewer segmentation on its head, and used a radically different approach – one that’s simple, intuitive and effective in equal measure.”


Mr Kapoor believes the real power of OBM lies in its construct. He added: “Brand research can be very high on good-to-know value but poor on actionability. While developing OBM, we were very conscious that the tool had to be completely action-oriented, with only one goal – viewership maximization. If an information need or data point is not going to help a channel increase their viewership, it’s not a part of OBM.”




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