NDTV appoints Soli Sorabjee as ombudsman. Now will he clear air on Barkha Dutt episode?

24 Sep,2013

By A Correspondent


It’s a welcome move, but one wonders what would have been the impact had this appoinment been before the entire Niira Radia episode was raging where the channel’s star editor and anchor Barkha Dutt was embroiled in a controversy over unethical practices.


Be that as it may, NDTV has now announced the appointment of former Attorney-General of India and eminent jurist Soli Sorabjee as its Ombudsman who will provide an independent perspective on our coverage and investigate any viewers’ complaints regarding NDTV.


In his honorary position, Mr Sorabjee will be entirely independent from NDTV and will investigate any complaints viewers may have about NDTV’s coverage.


Sonia Singh, NDTV’s Editorial Director and President of the Ethics Committee said, “Every day, we in the media face new editorial challenges regarding journalistic boundaries and we are delighted that Mr Sorabjee will, with his unchallenged integrity, be able to provide much needed insight and advice.”


Vikram Chandra

Added Vikram Chandra, NDTV Group CEO and Executive Director: “NDTV has always been committed to the highest standards of integrity and balance in its news coverage and we have now decided to take that one step further by appointing an independent ombudsman who can adjudicate on any issues that may come up in the future.”




KVL Narayan Rao

Speaking on his appointment, KVL Narayan Rao, Vice Chairperson, NDTV Group said, “Mr Soli Sorabjee is an independent, highly respected, highly regarded legal luminary, with years of experience in handling issues relating to freedom of expression and freedom of the press and censorship. We are delighted he has agreed to be the ombudsman for NDTV.”


Viewers can send in complaints and questions to http://www.ndtv.com/soli


MxM View: We do not know whether Mr Sorabjee will examine the Barkha Dutt-Niira Radia episode, but since the ‘case’ hasn’t closed yet, it would be interesting to have his views on the issue. It may well clear Ms Dutt’s name once and for all or we could well have Mr Sorabjee aver that by doing what she did, Ms Dutt has brought disrepute to the profession and the NDTV group.


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    A good step.