MxMIndia: Too good to be Two!

10 Sep,2013


On behalf of Team MxM, a big Thank You to our dear readers, advertisers, well-wishers and friends.


It’s been one heady journey which we embarked upon around June 2011. There were several tasks on hand: get the content mix in order, get the right team, develop a cracker of a site, set up office…. all of these bearing top priority in our things to do list.


By the end of July, we were getting there, and on September 9 – the happy day of Onam that year, we were ready to roll.


The content mix was designed to be different. It was part news, part features, part commentary and some research and case studies. We are happy to report that save the case studies and research which we haven’t been able to achieve as desired, it’s been a good, satisfying journey.


Our content has been well-received. We’ve deliberately tried to duck the ‘breaking news’ and ‘account/people movements’ announcements. Though there have been times when we’ve sent out special updates, they have been few and far between.


Our columnists have complete freedom to write what they’ve been mandated to. In the two years, we’re happy to report that people regard us for our differentiated and bold content. We’ve taken a stand on issues where few others have dared to comment. We’ve not succumbed to pressures from lobbies on pan-industry issues.


What we didn’t factor in when we were setting up was the business environment. So while we’ve been fortunate to have the top names in the business backing us up with revenues, we’ve not been able to shore up our funds to put into action some of the things we had headed out to do. We have come up an Annual and a dozen-odd print booklets, but the print magazine that we had intended to launch still hasn’t happened.


In the next year, we hope to achieve it. As also a few marquee events.


We will do so with credibility and integrity. We have so far shown the industry that it’s possible to run a successful B2B publishing company without compromising on our core values.




While advertisers provide us the juice that keeps us going, our allegiance is first towards our readers. There have been times where people haven’t been too happy with what we’ve carried. Some biggies in the business have even wanted us to yank out content. We refused to do that, even at the cost of upsetting the bosses. But what everyone is aware is that we are completely neutral. We write, regardless of whether a company advertises with us. And we don’t necessarily about all those who advertise with us.


Yes, there are occasions when we get flexi and accommodate a press release, but without compromising on our editorial integrity. There is clearly no quid pro quo.


It is unfortunate that we need to specify these things. When the mighty news media entities don’t think twice about carrying paid content, it doesn’t speak too well about the times we operate in.




Our office meanwhile has relocated to the heart of India’s television entertainment district. It’s now at 39, Om Heera Panna Mall Complex, First Floor. Off New Link Road Extension, Andheri West, Oshiwara, Mumbai 400053. The telephone hasn’t been transferred yet, but we will send our a mailer once we are fully set up.




We are working on our Second Annual as I write this. In a few days, we will unveil the theme of the issue.  Once again: a big thanks to all of you. Friends, well-wishers and business associates. Thanks also to MxMers who have been part of this journey including those who have moved on.


Pradyuman Maheshwari

Email: pradyumanm (at)


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  1. Himanshu Agarwal says:

    Hi Pradyuman, kudos to you and your team. Wishing you all many such anniversaries…