Jaldi 5 with Rahul Kishore: The world lacks humour & people with arrogance, attitude & sarcasm

05 Sep,2013

By Pradyuman Maheshwari


Rahul Kishore oozes with over-confidence. Yet, for all his Dilli aggression, there’s a huge soft side. He zealously guards time for his family, his game of badminton and the various people in his life – the family included. At first, his Facebook status messages seemed like those the funny guy in college cracks to impress girls. But when I saw that they had quite a following, I suggested he put them in book form. That was over a dinner and some drinks. And I did that many times over a couple of years when we would meet for a drink or a coffee. By then, RK was sold on the idea and he was sure he wanted to do the book.

The deal was that I would put it together for him, and he would get a sponsor for the publishing. My colleague and MxMIndia’s technology studio head Rafiq Barak painstakingly picked out data of around five years. All the messages, comments and counter-comments!  And then I convinced friend and celebrated cartoonist (and radiologist) Hemant Morparia to draw some toons for the book.

Soon enough, Red FM came in to sponsor the effort and MxM’s (and my) role diminished. But that was fine. They were producing and promoting the book, and had put in the money.

Earlier this week, the radio station’s PR agency sent me a press release on the book – called ‘Tere Social Status Ki Aisi Ki Taisi’. The folks didn’t have a copy and I missed getting it from Rahul when he was in Mumbai recently. But it’s getting rave reviews, I am told.

In keeping with the ‘Bajaate Raho!’ credo of the book and benefactor, I bowled a few bouncers to Rahul Kishore (who btw is Senior VP at Mogae Media). He took them with much ease. And has been pretty candid in his response on his TV news biggie friends.

So, given this disclosure, that I have played some part in the book’s evolution and that that he’s been a friend, read on:


01. So you really think there are people who would want to read your status messages?

Y-E-S, I do! The world lacks humour and people with arrogance, attitude and sarcasm… I love to do what I do and they love to stalk me… especially husbands!


02. I remember talking to you about putting together your statuses in a book form after a few drinks. You took me seriously?

I only take you seriously when you have had a few! Also, you contradict yourself! 🙂


03. How did you manage to convince Red FM to bring it out? (wanted to use the word con, but thought of being polite)

I have surplus charm. Plus Nisha Narayanan is a very astute businesswoman… she saw the potential. And I am not sure who conned whom!


04. You appear to have a special love for some communities?

Yes, Bongs… but it’s misplaced. I am a Bong-baiter not a Bong-hater… they fascinate me with their clannishness. It’s the only community which puts up Bong statuses on an English forum!


05. And the news anchor/editor triumvirate of Rajdeep-Barkha-Arnab (who often feature in your statuses)?

I like to watch TV news and they are the good ones. All the other English ones irritate me…


05a. Let me put you into a spot. Who of the three do you rate the best and why?

Rajdeep is not an anchor. He appears to be more of a business head. That is dangerous, he carries a lot on his shoulders.

Barkha, I love. She is a very dear friend and so intelligent. Yes, she does get carried away at times but I enjoy her shows. Also, she’s very gutsy and driven!

Arnab… I love to hate him or hate to love him, he is the most watchable! Newshour is a must-see in my home for my kids! It’s not easy to take on the factory that produced all three and ruled for five years. Also, he always makes time for me. That fascinates me. I also respect the fact that he is not part of the social circuit and is able to wreck any defence on TV. Most well-prepared!

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