Social Access offers I-Day treat with tricolour film

14 Aug,2013

By A Correspondent


Lt Cdr Tomy

Earlier this year, on Republic Day 2013 to be precise, Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy rounded the Mount Everest of sailing, Cape Horn, at the southernmost tip of South America, and hoisted the Indian national flag at sea, the farthest spot away from India. His extraordinary voyage was India’s first solo, non-stop, unassisted circumnavigation of the world’s oceans in a sailboat. The hoisting of the tricolour was a world first, and Lt Cdr Tomy had only the ocean and its creatures to sing the national anthem along with him.


Lt Cdr Tomy’s historic video footage on this occasion was edited by Guruvayur Films to a special version of the national anthem with music rendered by Audiosynkrasy. Social Access Communications produced the film for cinema and television broadcast.


The medium of cinema was chosen for the reach it delivers among young men aged 18 to 35. UFO Moviez arranged for the film to be screened from August 9 to 15. PVR-Cinemax also replaced the national anthem usually screened in Maharashtra with this special film. Over sixty national and regional television channels were engaged to broadcast this anthem.


Speaking on the release of this film, Lt Cdr Tomy said, “Hoisting the national flag on a tumultuous sea at Cape Horn on Republic Day was an extremely proud moment for me as an Indian and a naval officer.”


Lynn de Souza

Lynn de Souza, Founder, Social Access Communications added, “We want to inspire patriotism and courage in our youth and Abhilash is a role model and real icon of change to them.”


Speaking on the occasion of the special screening of this film at its corporate office, UFO Moviez’ JMD Kapil Agarwal said, “UFO is extremely proud to be associated with this initiative and would like to congratulate Abhilash Tomy for his incredible achievements.”


Said Santosh Menon, of Guruvayur films, “It’s a huge honour to be associated with our national anthem, and a complete pleasure to meet a real life hero, AbhilashTomy.” Biby Sam of Audiosynkrasy, who composed the music said, “Working on the Indian National Anthem was a first for me. As an Indian, I was thrilled to work on this project, and in keeping with the theme, I was moved to render the Anthem with an upbeat blend of Indian and western music styles, hopefully reflecting the pride of every one of us Indians.”


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