23 Aug,2013


There are already cynics saying why did the lifestyle magazine have to send a lady photog to the desolate Shakti Mills on an assignment early Thursday evening. That’s an unfair comment, for a male companion did accompany the 22-year-old intern. His presence didn’t really help as he was beaten up.


But, hey, yeh hai Bambai,  said to be one of the safest places for women in India. Bombayites shed crocodile tears at the plight of Dilliwallahs and those living or working in Gurgaon and Noida. Thursday’s incident of the photojournalist gangraped and her companion beaten up is shameful. And this wasn’t in the dead of the night: but before sundown, at around 5.30-6pm.


While we pray for the speedy recovery of both and wish they and their families and friends get the strength in these traumatic times, there is need for worry in the profession. Journalists across the media and especially those on the move need to be on the alert.


People in Mumbai don’t think twice about sitting up till late for work. Travel safe in that 12.17 Virar local from Churchgate or walk to the Elphinstone Road station at 9pm, as the night drop is still an hour away.


It may be tough keeping a watch on all the nooks of a large city, but it’s the police’s job to guarantee us a safe place to live and work.


Meanwhile, even though it’s a journalist from a cultural newsmag, it’s good to see Mumbai dailies take up the issue in a big way. One hopes that the events on the financial and political fronts do not get this off primetime news tonight and until the culprits are caught and punished as per law.

[updated on August 23, name of magazine where the intern worked was deleted]


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3 responses to “Shame!”

  1. courtsey required says:

    As per her own remarks, she still will continue to work and this is all the more reason to not mention the name of her workplace. Let’s try and not create links towards her identity.

  2. XYZ says:

    Please have some courtesy to remove the name of the organisation she was working. Its not about creating sensation news here. Please remove.

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