Eid Mubarak. No edition tomorrow + Aug holidays

07 Aug,2013

By Team MxM




Because you matter so much to us (and we hope we matter to you as much), here’s some advance notice on our holidays for August:

We are closed on Friday, August 9 for Eid and on Thursday, August 15 on account of Independence Day. We understand Friday, August 16 is virtually a holiday for many of us in media, advertising and marketing, we are doing a Special Edition on that day and we’ll send a repeat mailer on Monday, August 19.


The holiday doesn’t mean that we’re snoozing away. Our antennae are up, so if there’s something major, we’ll bring you the news. As we’ve done in the past.


And we’ll be accepting ads and cheques towards them. In fact for sales, like it is for news, we are up 24×7, 365 or 366 days a year.


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One response to “Eid Mubarak. No edition tomorrow + Aug holidays”

  1. Himanshu Agarwal says:

    Hahaha…sure thanks. We’ll also send you a scoop should we get to know any even if it is on a holiday 🙂

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