Mudra Ahmedabad on hard facts of olive oil

02 Aug,2013

By A Correspondent


When N K Proteins  launched  a new brand of olive oil called Viva across parts of Gujarat,  Mudra Ahmedabad got on to the act of creating awareness of the brand and also differentiate it in the market.


The campaign created by the Ahmedabad team of the DDB Mudra group was based on a simple observation gleaned through research that though people had an idea about the goodness of Olive oil, they were largely unaware about the variants and the exclusivity of these variants in terms of their usage.


What was shocking to note, adds a communiqué, was the fact that many brands were communicating wrong information to the consumers just to increase the acceptability of olive oil… they were promoting ‘Pomace’ variant (usable for Indian style of cooking)  of olive oil by communicating the health benefits which are exclusive only to  ‘Extra Virgin’ variant.


Nilesh Patel

This led to the creative team to not just create ads that not just created an awareness about the brand but also educate consumers about olive oil.


Said Nilesh Patel, Managing Director, N K Proteins Ltd: “While consumers are enthusiastic about olive oil, most of them are not aware about the usage of each variant of olive oil. So our plan was to educate them without putting them to sleep.”


Ronak Shah

Ronak Shah, AVP, Mudra Ahmedabad added: “We had an interesting challenge before us. While almost every brand tried to occupy the lifestyle space, no one bothered about educating the consumer about different variants of olive oils and what kind of cuisines they’re meant for. The idea was to show things which people would normally not do and then draw parallels with our core communication message.”


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