Maadar… Taproot crafts bold digital campaign for Hike

29 Aug,2013

By A Correspondent


Hike, a free cross-platform messaging app from BSB rolled out a digital marketing initiative for India. Tag lined ‘Keep Close Friends Close’, the digital campagn is aimed at showcasing how Hike can enable today’s tech-savvy youth to ‘keep close friends close.’


The new ads showcase the dynamics of an individual with their close friends and how Hike helps them stay connected. Through the month long activation, the campaign aims at driving awareness and encourages the Indian youth to download hike to stay connected to their close friends.


Commenting on the campaign, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Head of Product and Strategy, BSB said: “With the Indian youth being online more than ever before, a pure digital strategy made sense to create a connect with our users.”


Santosh Padhi

Created by Taproot, the creative compliments the brand’s youthful appeal. Said Santosh ‘Paddy’ Padhi, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, Taproot India: “Though we are not one of the first ones in India to bring this service, we are very positive that with the youthful brand positioning of ‘Keep Close Friends Close’ and the quirky communication will make sure Hike Messenger becomes the youth’s close friend soon.”


When asked whether the use of words like ‘maadar’ or ‘boobs’ in two of the films would pass with the self-regulators and moral police,  Paddy clarified that the ads are not meant for television, but digital only. “Even we decide to go for TV for some reason, it will be the water or bike films.”


While the friendly banter in two of the films- the one on the bike and the other pouring water on the head – was clean and fine, why get into areas like ‘boobs’ and ‘maadar’, we asked Paddy. “It’s a mix of things we have portrayed through these digital films – right from abuse to fight to all sort of emotions which close friends share,” he explained adding that these are first set of digital films, there are few more lined post the launch.


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