Guest View: Will Brand Raghuram Rajan work for India?

07 Aug,2013

By Ganapathy Viswanathan


Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Govind Rajan, now Chief Economic Advisor to the Government and a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, was on Tuesday named successor to RBI Governor D. Subbarao. While this news was making some rounds for some time finally it has come true. To quickly gauge some response from marketing and advertising professionals, I did some dipstick research and the following responses were received from a small and select random sample from the professional world.



– Yup I agree he is the right choice at this point of time.

– He is cool. Good credentials, excellent track record and strong relationship with the finance ministry

– Good guy I am not sure what will be do get us out of the current mess especially with the dollar just galloping

– I hope he upholds the rich tradition and the fierce independence and integrity that RBI governors are known for.

– Good selection not very old, global outlook, non bureaucratic  and impressive credentials

– Right choice but what can he do in the present scene

– Great guy, former economic advisor to IMF. Let’s see if he can be as independent as the earlier governor.

– A very smart guy with lot of potential and rich international experience

– A great choice very intelligent and  one of my relative was his batch mate at IIM

– Good selection but may be too late for UPA

– Young and dynamic


And then there was this Facebook post by someone:

– The new RBI guv is a hottie.


Interesting to note and observe that the feedback from the communication and marketing world has been very optimistic and positive. The responses were more or less universal and as expected from most respondents. As a brand he has all the qualities and will fit the bill to steer the Indian economy towards growth and stability.


The immediate challenges before Rajan will be to stabilise the rupee, bring inflation under control, and push growth on to a higher trajectory. While this is easier said and done he has to face a tough political environment as the elections are round the corner. But Rajan is in a bullish mood and he is confident that the government and the RBI will partner together to address the challenges the country is facing today. In his words we do not have a magic wand to make the problems disappear overnight but he is absolutely sure that this can be dealt with a positive approach.


This is a great move and a bold step from Finance Minister P Chidambaram to select a young and dynamic RBI Governor. Raghuram has also got  the brand characteristics required for this role imbibed in him.


The writer is vice-president, Optima Response


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One response to “Guest View: Will Brand Raghuram Rajan work for India?”

  1. tushar NARKAR says:

    Nice article , it gives the clear image charachter of the new RBI governor Mr.Raghuram Rajan and some rays of hope that the rupee will be stablized & inflation would be under control in some days.

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