AdStrat: Vodafone’s ‘Made For’ proposition

19 Aug,2013

Name of the campaign:

Vodafone Network Campaign 2013


The Brief:

The brief to the agency was to develop a 360-degree campaign that creates perceptual superiority for the Vodafone network among users of other operators and get them to switch to Vodafone. Reinforce Vodafone’s network superiority through charming slice of life stories.


Research insights:

‘Network’ is the single biggest driver of brand choice and the reason for customers exiting from a brand. Hence communicating ‘network credentials’ in an evocative and engaging manner, has been a constant endeavor of all telecom brands.


In the initial phase of market development, Vodafone decided to focus its communication activities around Vodafone’s excellent network and connectivity. Hence the tagline: “Wherever you go, our network follows” for the campaign, wherein the pug represented Vodafone’s network. The campaign made the brand synonymous to an omnipresent network and gave it the stature of a constant companion.


The next round of Network communication happened last year and the focus of the communication was shifted to ‘quality through connectivity and voice clarity’ which helped in building a stronger customer perception on network quality.


Research helped identify the key parameters in the perception of a good quality network  – instant connectivity, voice clarity and call continuity (no call drops).


Further, market research showed that post running the campaign there was a marked improvement in our Network perception.


On customer experience, Vodafone rates higher than any other network.


The challenge going forward is to translate the superiority of experience that we enjoy with our customers to be the perception across all telecom customers.


The thought process behind the creative:

Every day Vodafone users push the limits of our Vodafone network a little bit more.


They are always trying to make phones calls from unlikely places like an underground metro or a basement disco; they have really long conversations with their girlfriends, they make phone calls from noisy places, they use mobile data for downloading or streaming heavy files etc. Some of these truly represent the strength of our network.


Details of the Campaign:

Keeping this insight in mind the ‘Made For’ proposition was zeroed in on. The Vodafone network is dependable, robust and made for living up to these torture tests. The television commercials capture everyday human stories which test the network.


Media vehicles chosen:

It will be an extensive 360-degree campaign that will be led by television. The ‘Made For’ proposition will also be extended contextually in print, outdoor, digital, radio and on-ground.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad?

The entire campaign has been conceptualized and developed on intuitively charming everyday human insights that an entire cross section of the audience can relate to.



Agency: Ogilvy Mumbai & Team Ogilvy

Production House: Nirvana Films


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