1 Minute View: Reaching adults via kids

05 Aug,2013

There’s no rocket science to it. You can reach people best in the places they cohabit. Or patronize. Like parents do with kiddie channels. They are on it because of their children, and they are on it because the channels help transport them to their younger days. They are also on it because some of the content is excellent.


Whether it’s the toons on Cartoon Network, the adventures on Discovery and Nat Geo, the wild stuff on Animal Planet, Chhota Bheem on Pogo,  Disney, Hungama etc etc, parents don’t mind watching the content. And even if they won’t admit it, they are often hooked to the programming.


So we weren’t surprised to learn that some big-name advertisers are putting their monies on the children’s channels. And this isn’t because the kids are decision-makers (well, many of them are), but it’s because their folks watch the shows.


Three cheers to that!


PS: Starting tomorrow, and until further notice, we will be carrying the 1 Minute View in our Daily Digest or ‘AM Newsletter’. Look out for it there!


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