1 Minute View: Minister Tewari goes qua-qua-qua

07 Aug,2013

The word ‘Qua’ and the contradictions in the media space almost find a mention in the information and broadcasting minister Manish Tewari’s speeches. Especially when he is addressing the news media fraternity.


We remember him making a mention of contradictions which was slightly uncharacteristic on a celebratory occasion of the IAA Leadership Awards last year.


While it’s good to have the minister not changing his views over a period of time, but surely we can go beyond the critical paradoxes. Like he did at the Observer Research Foundation panel discussion yesterday. The PIB report of event goes thus: “The Minister also emphasised on critical paradoxes within the media space that would need to be reconciled. These included proliferation of numerous mediums of communication as qua a growing intolerance to an opposite viewpoint, Right to a fair trial qua Trial by the media, Presence of flawed revenue models qua questionable methods of revenue augmentation, TRP qua the truth and the raging debate between self-regulation and statutory regulation.”


As you can see we love the word ‘qua’.


But can we have Mantriji saying something different when he meets news folk next? No qua-qua, puhleez?




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