1 Minute View: Is anyone interested in India-Zimbabwe cricket?

02 Aug,2013

Yes, that’s the question which we’ve been asking ourselves ever since Virat Kohli and team left Indian shores last fortnight. India has won the series, but other than help identify the weaklings as it’s clear that those who are consistently poor in Zimbabwe do not deserve a place against stiffer opposition, the series has served no major purpose for the channel, the advertisers, the viewing public and our cricketers.


Coicincidentally our columnist Shailesh Kapoor has also written on the same issue, and we would strongly recommend a good read of his column.


We reproduce excerpts from the column


So, even in the most high-profile, high-interest tournaments, only the big sponsors and innovators stand out. Why should any advertiser, besides at best the title sponsor (that too arguable), buy onto an India-Zimbabwe series, by paying rates that would be at significantly higher CPRPs than most other genres?

And if indeed no one should, why should such a series be held in the first place? If it were to promote cricket in Zimbabwe, an India A team would have been a good idea too.

This brings me to the larger question of media bias, where media choices of several brands are influenced by individual perceptions. I know of brands who would like to be on cricket, because certain senior executives, including the CEO at times, “feels” cricket is the right choice for them. And if they can’t afford the IPL or an India-Pak series, they settle for whatever comes their way…

Even as the big agencies continue to grapple with larger questions related to measuring advertising effectiveness that goes beyond just CPRP benchmarking, we have a universe of ad hoc advertisers providing us enough entertainment on the sidelines.


Read the full column here: http://www.mxmindia.com/2013/08/shailesh-kapoor-india-zimbabwe-as-dull-as-it-gets/


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