Time Out’s Top 100 apps that makes life simpler

03 Jul,2013

By A Correspondent


Time Out India’s upcoming issue for its three editions of Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru has its annual tech cover story that comes with a curated list of 100 apps that make one’s life simpler, and put the smart in the smartphone. “We were clear when we began to assemble this year’s tech cover story that the approach would steer clear of fanboy geekiness and instead would look at apps that truly make life simpler,” said Jaideep VG, Editor-in-Chief, Time Out India. “Just as the magazine is intended to serve as a guide that helps readers navigate the city, the tech cover story is an essential manual for people attempting to make sense of the dense jungle of apps available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone users out there.”


“The Annual Tech issue is very important to us as this gives us a chance to delve into technology from user’s point of,” said Rajnish Rawat, chief operating officer and Publisher, Time Out India, while adding that the issue is due for release on Friday (July 5).


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