Education sector ads lead in ‘misleading’ ads picked by ASCI

23 Jul,2013

In May 2013, ASCI’s Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) upheld complaints against 123 ads. Health, Personal Care and Education were the main categories that continued to make misleading and unsubstantiated claims and come under the scanner of the CCC. Since May was the peak season for admissions hence there was a sudden increase in the education sector ads. The education sector leads with a whopping 56 per cent of the ads (70 out of 123) against which complaints were upheld in the month of May 2013.



The CCC found the following claims in Health & Personal Care product or service ads released in the press to be either misleading or false or not adequately/scientifically substantiated and hence violating Chapter I of the ASCI code. Some of the Health Care products or services ads also contravened provisions of the Drug & Magic Remedies Act. Complaints against the following ads were upheld –

  • Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd: The ad of Veet Body Moisturiser claimed that ‘8 out of 10 women who tried Veet Body Moisturiser agree that only this gives longer lasting smoothness’, ‘it’s unique pro minimize formula delays hair re-growth which makes your skin feel touchable, smooth for a longer time’, ‘Women agree that with Veet Body Moisturiser you need to remove hair less often’.
  • Dr. N. Dharmarajan Hospital: The hospital’s ad claimed that they can ‘help men in curing sex weakness, nervous weakness, having infertility problems& promises 100% success guaranteed in treatment’.
  • Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Pvt Ltd: The clinic’s ad claimed that they are ‘world’s largest homeopathy clinic chain’.
  • Jolly Pharma (India): Jolly Sunsex Gold Capsule & Oil’s ad claims that after the consumption of the capsule ‘weakness disappears, awakens pleasure, gives strength and vitality so that every moment becomes lively’, thevisual on the pack is shot with a picture of a man and women implies sexual pleasure.
  • Hindustan Unilever Ltd: The ad of Pond’s pure white Face Wash claimed that ‘Pond’s pure white Face Wash contains activated-Carbon which goes in the depth of your skin and removes dirt and pollution and saves you from being affected by any skin problems’, ‘you get instant glow on your skin’.
  • Sri Om AyurvedicSevaSansthan: The sansthan’s ad claimed that they can ensure ‘100% successful treatment of Brain, Heart, Kidney and stomach disease, kidney stone, prostate, Obesity, skin disease, Diabetes, Arthritis etc’, ‘Specialist of STD and Sexual disease, ‘Golden opportunity for unemployed’.
  • Dr. Paresh Patel Remedies: The clinic’s ad claimed that they are a ‘special clinic for knees’, they ‘give new life to your knees’. They further claim that ‘If you are suffering from unbearable pain of your knee joint and you are not even able to climb one step, such patients will be able to climb full staircase twice in just 3 days easily’, ‘you can sit on the floor by folding your legs, sound coming from your knees will be cured by modern LLLT laser treatment and medicine and you will be easily able to walk and climb stairs’, ‘pain will stop’.o Alfa Wellness: The ad claimed that they help ‘reduce weight 3 to 10 kg every month’, with ‘no surgery, no gym,no yoga and no side effects’.
  • Hindustan Unilever Ltd: The ad of Dove Split End Rescue Systemclaims saying ‘try the new Dove Split End Rescue System, its breakthrough split-end technology helps bring your split-ends together to give you up to 4x less split-ends’.
  • Sindhu Homeopathic Centre: Their ad claimed that the centre provides ‘Homeopathic treatmentwhich is safe, permanent, with no side effects, no operation for surgical disease’ & also help with ‘increased height & chest’.
  • Health Sanctuary: Their ad claimed that they can help with: ‘On the spot flab reduction through combination of Six Non-Surgical Lipolysis procedures. In just one session of combination – Lipolysis. -One can lose 12 -15cms (from two areas), helps removedouble chin and facial flab. So now, no matter how old, how stubborn, however soft or flabby is your fat, it’s going to go for sure, permanent and instant removal of stubborn fat, clinically proven with no side effect.’
  • Retail Guru India Pvt Ltd: The ad of Mirakul Pain Killer Oil claimed that they are ‘India’s No.1 pain relief oil’.# Dr. Manjiris Instasculpt: Their ad claimed that they ‘transform your body into a perfect hour glass in an hour, safe, non-surgical, permanent, instant’.
  • Bhagyesh Health & Beauty Care Pvt Ltd: Their ad claimed that Height Grow Capsule’75 lakh satisfied customers’, ‘World’s No. 1 product. Effective till the age of 34′,’ Increase your height up to 3-5 inches in 90 days’
  • Herbs De Olivia: Their ad claimed that Olivia HairRemover helps with ‘skin whitening moisturizing’, ‘it is dermatologicallytested’ ‘makes your skin fairer’, ‘allergen-free’.
  • KailashAyurved: Their ad claimed that it is ‘World’s No. 1 German Power increaser machine which gives successful treatment of small size, thin, crooked and gives you the shape you want’, helps with problems likeimpotency, nil sperms, night fall etc.’Also claims saying ‘with 30 days medicine get power increaser gel, excitement capsule, Masti Oil, DVD, 8 GB, memory card free.’
  • Bahar Hair Oil: Their ad claimed that the oil is’anti-baldness hair oil’, it ‘stops hair fall’, ‘starts re-growth’, ‘stops greying of hair’ and ‘get rid of baldness’.
  • MacarioImpexPvt Ltd: The ad ofSat Power Herbal Capsulesclaimed that they help in’physical problems in sexual life, weakness, tiredness, sex problems due to the mistakes done in young age, all can be completely cured by the siddha medicine which is made by siddha experts'(Pack visual implies product for sexual pleasure).
  • Big B XL Capsule & Cream: In their ad they claim that Big B XL Capsule & Cream helps you ‘enlarge and tighten, small and loose breast’, ‘get the real experience of womanhood by completely developing the breast’.
  • Breast Care Capsule & Massage Oil: In their ad they claim that it ‘increases the beauty and gives you the feeling of womanhood by developing the breasts that are underdeveloped and not in proper shape’, ‘increase the shape and beautifies the small, loose, shapeless breasts’, ‘take a 3 month test for sure’, ‘ad is information for R.M.P. only’&’results may vary’.
  • Om Sai Ayurveda India Ltd: In their ad they claim that it helps you ‘increase your height or get back the money’, ‘this medicine circulates your blood in the correct manner and gives nutrition to nerves and rejuvenates the hormones that increase the height’, ‘this medicine has to be taken for just 90 days and you will see for yourself the increase in your height or get back your money’, ‘expert consultation for sexual problems’, ‘increase in enthusiasm and strength or else get back your money’. (Visual of man and woman implying sexual pleasure enhancing product)
  • Eva Bio Trade X Pvt Ltd: In their ad Aamourr Capsulesclaims that it is a ‘natural ayurvedic alternative for men and women for vita, stamina, vigor and vitality’. Visual on pack shot suggestive of sexual pleasure.
  • Buster Health Care Ind. Pvt Ltd: In their ad Herbal Super 30 Capsules/Oilclaims that it provides ‘quick relief from impotence, premature ejaculation, small penis, thinness, bad nerves, masturbation, mistakes in childhood, infertility, less sperms and night fall.’
  • Hercules Healthcare: In their ad Long Looks Height Gain Capsule claims that they are ‘world’s first invention’, helps achieve ‘long looks’ for boys and girls (Grow Faster) & ‘helpful in physical development’.
  • Chaudhary Health Care – In their ad Sex Grow Powder/Nari Fit Syrup claims that the ‘sex grow powder develops nerves, gets rid of small size and thinness and makes nerves stronger and harder, this powder helps to get rid of premature ejaculation, night fall, Ghatnashak and less sperms’.
  • Dr. Nandlal Tiwari Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.: In their ad Carctolclaims that it is a’ayurvedic medicine which is effective for treatment of cancer’. ‘This Ayurvedic medicine, Carctol has benefited patients those suffer from cancer of esophagus, uterus blood cancer, prostate brain, gal bladder, colen, breast, urinary bladder, bone ovary, etc.’
  • Luna Pharma:In its advertisementStonecure Kitclaims thatit is ‘100% treatmentwithout & it dissolves the stone from kidney’.
  • Fresh Fair: In its ad Fresh Fairclaims that ithas thehighest record of reducing 40-47 kg weight and increasing 1-10 inches height.’
  • Javerian Herbal LifesciencePvt Ltd: In their ad, Bangkok Night Capsules claims that it’fills your life with power, energy, self-confidence and brings new enthusiasm’, ‘Bangkok Nights Power capsules Gold Coated’Visual implies sexual pleasure claims.
  • Mayopathy Energy Centre: In its ad they claim that’If hands and legs disabled, cannot walk; admit them here & we make them walk’, ‘Mayopathy that i.e. Muscular dystrophy, paralysis, immaturity in brain, born with disabled legs, erosion in bones, joint pains all these can be cured within short period and make your child walk’,. The admitted children get physical improvement within 60 days’.
  • Medikom Healthcare: In their ad they claim that it is a ‘no. 1 course & is helpful to increase time and size’, ‘get rid of sex weakness, premature ejaculation, night fall, not taking time, lose nerves, small size, crookedness, less sperms’.
  • Chirayu Health Care Centre: In their ad they claim that one can ‘benefit in 15 days’, also help cure ‘small penis, thin penis, premature ejaculation, night fall, impotence, Get rid of nilsperms and increase sex time.’
  • Osho Ayurved Dawakhana: In their ad they claim that they help cure’male weakness, night fall, less sex desire, small and thin organ, premature ejaculation, seminal disorders’, ‘100% guaranteed ayurvedic cure for sex patients.’
  • Deemark Healthcare Pvt Ltd: In its ad, Deemark Shakti Prash says that’with time, there is inner weakness in males and females lose their desire, in such a case, married life loses its joy and domestic fights increase. In such situations Shakti Prash acts as panacea for males and females. It gives complete manhood to man and makes female complete.’ Visual in pack shots implies sexual pleasure benefit.’
  • Prince Pharma: In its ad, 2 Much Gold Capsules claim that it’increases energy, brings back youth, makes you healthy’, ‘forenthusiasm, zeal and strength’, ‘adds love to husband-wife relationship’. Visual of man and woman implying sexual pleasure.
  • BIOTECH UNIT – II: SanjeevanPharma – More Power Capsules’s ad claims that it helps ‘for physical development that has been stopped’, ‘helpful in stunted growth, body weakness, general debility’, ‘good growth is essential for getting a job as an air hostess.’ Visual implies improvement in stature.
  • Dabur India Ltd: In its ad, DaburLal Tailclaims that ‘If babies are massaged by DaburLal Tail, then the babies grows twice as fast’, ‘ingredients of the oil contain herbs that enable faster growth of the babies’
  • L’Oreal India Pvt Ltd: In their ad, L’Oreal White Perfect Laser Creamclaims that they provide’incredible whitening radiance superior to laser treatment’, ‘Super reads: laser treatment= 1 IPL session.’
  • Hearing Home Hospital: In their ad, they claim that if ‘You can’t hear? We make you hear within three hours from our treatment’, ‘Giving treatment to all ear related problems by curing completely’, ‘we make you to hear without surgery or ear phone’.


Clear Skin Laser Skin & Hair Clinic: In its ad they claim that’Dark or tanned skin. Put a full stop to your frustrations’, Visuals are misleading. ‘Clear skin laser skin and hair clinic cures and control treatments for the severest and most stubborn cases of dark/ tanned skin’. These claims need to be substantiated with necessary support data, proof of efficacy, along with details of benefitted customers. The CCC, on examining the scientific data submitted by the advertiser, concluded that claim of ‘removal of tanned skin’, was not false. This complaint was NOT upheld. The ‘removal of dark skin’ was inadequately substantiated. This complaint was upheld.



The CCC found following claims in print ads by 70 different advertisers were not substantiated violating the ASCI Guidelines for Advertising of Educational Institutions and hence the complaints against the ads were upheld –

  • Academy for British English: The academy’s ad claimed that they ‘provide100% job guarantee soon after training’.
  • Welkin Convergence Pvt Ltd: Their ad claimed that ‘Morning Mist’s lustrous can prevent baldness and help grow hair from the roots, naturally’.o  Jharkhand IT School (JITS): The school’s ad claimed that they ‘provide 100% job assurance’.
  • Brain Tree: The ad claims that the ‘Brain Tree at Marwa Arcade is No. 1 brand in IELTS coaching’.
  • Orissa Institute: The institute’s ad claimed that theyprovide fireman 100% job’.
  • PathikritInfotech Pvt Ltd: Their ad claimed that you can ‘earn 500-600 per day guaranteed’.
  • RonitInfotech Competitive Education & Amazing Institute of Management:Their ads claimed that they can get you ‘government job with 100% success’.
  • Eastern Institute of Management: The institute’s ad claimed that they are ‘internationally accepted and recognized degrees’, they have ‘Over 10 years legacy in assuring 100% placements’ & ‘ranked 53rd in the top 100 B-Schools of India’.
  • Technosoft Solutions: Their ad claimed thatthey ‘provide 100% job guarantee’.
  • A-1 Classes:Their ad claimed that one can ‘pass state open/Rajasthan board exam with guarantee’, ‘selection guarantee for RPMT / AIEEE’ & ‘selection guarantee for SSC / LIC / Bank’.
  • Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management: The institute’s ad claimed that they provide ‘100% placement’, ‘174 Branded National and Multinational Companies recruited from the institute in 2011’, ‘they cherished National Record from a Single Campus in 2011’ and ‘155 Branded National And Multi-National Companies recruited from the institute in 2012’.
  • Coms Institute of Hotel & Business Management: The institute’s ad claimed that they ‘provide 100% job placement with legal agreement’.
  • Swami Vivekanand Coaching: Their ad claimed that they assure’100% success guarantee’.#  Tips CA Academy & Navdeep Academy: The ads of these academies claim that they’provide 100% pass guarantee’.
  • Gandhi Insitute of Management Techonology&Browns ITI: The ads of these institutes claim that they ‘provide 100% job guarantee’.
  • Prolific Systems: The ad of Prolific Systems & Technologies claims that ‘provides 100% placement for Engineering / Degree / Diploma / Electronics / Electrical’.
  • Guruvayurappan Institute of Management: The institute’s ad claimed that they are a ’17 year old B School’& has a ‘consistent 100% placement record’.
  • Lourdes Matha College of Science & Technology:The College’s ad claimed that they have been ‘creating 100% pass results for MBA regularly with first rank at university level’
  • Kalyani Technologies:Their ad claimed that ‘Only we give 100% job guarantee’.
  • Jamshedpur Institute of Engineering Technology: The institute’s ad claimed that they ‘provide MBA, BBA, BCA MCA, PGDCA,all IT and management courses with 100% result &placement record’.
  • Satyam Computer Education: Their ad claims ‘100% pass, 100% result assured’.
  • Jaibharat College of Nursing Teachers Training: The institute’s ad claimed that they ‘provide 100% placement in various public schools’.
  • Vivekanand Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management: The institute’s ad claimed that theyprovide ‘100% international &domestic placement’.
  • Naresh Technologies: The institute’s ad claimed that they’provide100% job guarantee, employability skills & enhancement program’.
  • SaVoip Expert: Their ad claimed that they ‘provide100% job guarantee for regular graduates and non-graduates (*CCIE certified only)’.
  • Accurate Group of Institutions: The institute’s ad claimed that they have won ‘Asia’s 3rd Best B-School Awards, Asia’s Best B-School (Overall)’, ‘Amar Ujala B-School Excellence Awards- Best Engineering Institute (North)’.
  • Vision Institute of Commerce & Management: The institute’s ad claimed that they assure ‘100% result’& it is the ‘only commerce institute managed and taught by well-educated and qualified faculty’.
  • Future College: Their ad claimed that the ’10th and 12th failures shouldn’t get disheartened & can pass with guarantee’.
  • Jagdish Institute of Industrial Technology: The institute’s ad claimed that they ‘provide placement assurance from the Institute
  • Suresh GyanVihar University: The University’s ad claimed that they ranked among top 3 private University of the country- study by Financial Express year 2009, ranked no. 1 private University of the country- study by DNA year 2011, Best Hotel Management institute of the country- study by CSR year 2012, Best E-campus of the country- awarded by Chairman of AICTE year 2012 &Rated A++ University- Study by Pioneer year 2013.Indian Institute of Business Management:The institute’s ad claimed that they ‘provide 100% National/Global Employment records’.
  • Asia Pacific Institute of Management: The institute’s ad claimed thatthey ‘100% training & placement in India/ USA/ France/UK/Germany etc.’
  • UltramaxInfonet Technologies P. Ltd: Their ad claimed that they’provide 100% job guarantee or money back’.
  • DR. REDDYS FOUNDATION: Their ad claimed that they ‘provides job in 45 days (10th to degree)’.
  • HORIZON COMPUTER EDUCATION: Their ad claimed that theygive’Best Job Guarantee Program for fresher’, ‘written guarantee minimum 6 lakhs’, ‘written job guarantee at enrolment, final payment after getting job’, ‘get guaranteed career as Network Security Professional’.
  • Genext Languages: Their ad claimed that they give ‘100% job guarantee’, ‘Rs. 10,000/- salary with guarantee in writing.’
  • XtremeInfosoftPvt Ltd: Their ad claimed that they give ‘assured job within 6 months’.
  • Indian Institute of Learning & Advanced Development: The institute’s ad claimed that they provide ‘100% assured placement or earn back upto 100% of course fee’.
  • IT Campus College of IT & Management: The institute’s ad claimed that they are ‘World’s No.1 International Certification with RHCE’.
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management: The institute’s ad claimed that they ‘provide100% placements since inception’.#   Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology: The institute’s ad claimed that they provide ‘100% placements assured training program’.
  • Sumangal College of Business Administration: ‘get the appointment letter at the time of admission’.


Thiagarajar School of Management, Features Hair & Beauty Academy, Dashmesh Academy, Navodaya Academy of Higher Hotel Administration, Merchand Polytechnic, ICBIO Clinical Research Pvt Ltd, Suhas Bose Insitute of Hotel Management, Insparc Technologies Inn InnPvt Ltd, Dsoft Global Technologies, Guruvayurappan Institute of Management, Prakritim School of Business & MIT Group of Institute, Wings Academy of Hotel Management, Annai Theresa College, New Horizons, Sapcloud soft Solutions, Kanara Institute of Hotel Management, Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media:All these advertisers claimed that they ‘ provide 100% placement’.



Vimal Oil & Food Ltd: Vimal Rice Bran Oil’s ad claimsthat ‘Vimal introduces the ancient Japanese anti-ageing secret-Rice Bran Oil, the finest cooking oil which helps you stay healthy and young’, ‘Oryzanol- Improves HDL/ LDL ratio, healthier heart’, ‘Squalene- Improves skin tone and delays wrinkle formation’, ‘Ferulic Acid – stimulates hormonal secretion, rejuvenates health’, ‘Balanced PUFA/ MUFA – Cleaner blood vessels’, ‘Tocotrienols & Phytosterols – Anti-cancer properties’, ‘Viatmin E- helps maintain balance of nervous system’, ‘Natural Antioxidants – Protection against diseases’, ‘ World’s Healthiest Cooking Oil’. ‘Super: Rice Bran Oil - Nearest to WHO recommendations’, ‘The Power of Oryzanol’, ‘Healthy u, Happy U!’The ad contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code. The complaint was upheld.



The CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in the ads& cited in the complaints below werenot substantiated. The ads contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code. The complaints were upheld.

  • Sony India:The TVC of Sony Xperia Z Smart Phoneshows that the phone can be washed with water and still it works.
  • Multiplex Appliances Pvt Ltd:In their ad Vent Air Chimney claimed that it is ‘World’s No. 1’.
  • SpaceageMultiproductsPvt Ltd:In its advertisementEasy Breather air purifierclaims that it ‘produces air vitamins – produces negative ions popularly known as air vitamins to relieve you from allergies and respiratory problems’.
  • Kent RO System Ltd: In its ad, Kent Home Appliances claims that ‘Kent range of mineral RO Water Purifier is the world’s most certified and awarded purifier’ & ‘it is the world’s first compact water softener’.



Vodafone Essar Ltd:Vodafone’sprint ad promises ‘Unlimited Internet’ starting at Rs.199 per month. There is no fine print or disclaimer. The back page shows ‘Pack Allowance’ and each pack has data limit after which it is at reduced speed. So there is a limit. By definition, unlimited shouldn’t have a limit. What is the ‘full speed’ is or what is the ‘reduced speed’; is not mentioned in the ad. 3G and 2G specifications have certain data speed standards. If after the allowance speed is throttled, then the connection is not 2G or 3G. The CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in the ad were not substantiated. The ad contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code. The complaint was upheld.



Cricket Centre (BCCI):The IPL 20’s TVC shows theme dance of IPL in a rail compartment which is likely that youth and children may imitate this and fall off the running train. The CCC viewed the TVC and concluded that a youth dancing near the open door of a running train was a dangerous activity and violated Ch. III.2 (b) of the Code. The complaint was upheld.


LA OPALA PG Ltd:Their ad claimed that the LA OPALA PG Ltd is ‘India’s No.1 tableware brand’. The CCC concluded that in the absence of comparative data, the claim of India’s No. 1 Tableware Brand was not substantiated. The ad contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code. The complaint was upheld.


Ganesh Grains Ltd: In their advertisementGanesh Premium Chakki Attaclaims that it is’the fastest to reach your kitchen from the wheat fields’ and ‘thefreshest’..The CCC concluded that the claims were not substantiated. The ad contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code. The complaint was upheld.


Sanmarg: In their ad, Sanmarg the oldest & largest Hindi dailyclaims that its ‘94% of Hindi readers in West Bengal read Sanmarg’. They have quoted the ABC figures of January-June 2012 for their Kolkata edition showing circulation as 1, 10,491. During the period under reference, the circulation figures of ‘PrabhatKhabar’ Kolkata edition as per ABC were 51415 copies per day.In the absence of comments from the Advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claim, ‘94% of Hindi Readers in West Bengal read Sanmarg’, was not substantiated and was misleading. The ad contravened Chapters I.1 and I.4 of the Code. The complaint was upheld.


Sri Hari Agro Industries: Their ad claims that’using mustard oil reduces chances of heart attack by 71%’..In the absence of comments from the advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claim, ‘Using mustard oil reduces chances of heart attack by 71%’, was not substantiated. The ad contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code. The complaint was upheld.


Jalganga Irrigation:In their ad, Netafim Drip Irrigationclaims that they are’World’s No. 1 Drip Irrigation company’.In the absence of comments from the Advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claim, ‘World’s No.1 Drip Irrigation Company’, was not substantiated. The ad contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code. The complaint was upheld.


F.M. Marketing: In their ad, Og – 3 Veg claims that ‘Vegetarian Omega – 3 are from Flax Seeds’. The super reads:’Soft gelatin capsules cell is not vegetarian’.The CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in the Ad and cited in the complaint were misleading. The ad contravened Chapter I.4 of the Code. The complaint was upheld.


During the month of April, the CCC also received complaints against 11 other ads. The complaints were received against the ads of Department of Tourism – Government of Kerala, Hindustan Unilever Ltd – Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin fairness cream, Tata Motors Ltd – Tata Sumo, ITC Ltd – Vivel Fairness cream, Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd – Volkswagen Polo, Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Ltd – Mentos Contest, Numero Uno Clothing Ltd – Jeans, NuzenPvt Ltd – Nuzen Gold Hair Oil, Pepsico India Holdings Pvt Ltd – 7 Up, India Sport Forum 36, Hardcastle Restaurant Pvt Ltd – McDonalds, Bajaj Corp Ltd – Bajaj Kailash Parbat Thanda Tel, Titan Industries Ltd – Fast Track Watches, Fast Track Bags, Fast Track Goggles, Nikon India Pvt Ltd – Nikon Coolpix S5600, Cheil Worldwide – Samsung Television, Hindustan Unilever Ltd – Sunsilk Long & Strong & Axe Deodorant, Symphony Ltd – Symphony Coolers. However, as these ads did not contravene ASCI’s codes or guidelines, the complaints were not upheld.


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