Debrief: Wild Stone: Nailing yummy mummies

16 Jul,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Wild Stone soap continues with the promise all male toiletries brands make: Use our product, get the chicks. Must say I have always found this premise a tad amusing. Many of us men use deos and soaps just to feel fresh, there are more interesting ways to patao ladies. But the marketers don’t care about this, and so the ‘safe’ chick caravan chugs along merrily.


However, in the new commercial, Wild Stone has done two rather ‘interesting’ things. One, they have used an old Hindi film song, which I think is a new one for this category. (Incidentally, filmi classics are in vogue all of a sudden, and the reason for that is paucity of good jingle writers.) Thing is, I wonder what the likes of SD Burman, Naushad and Shankar Jaikishan might feel about their songs being used to sell all sorts of dodgy products. And the worst part is, these ads destroy the original charm of the old favourites. Secondly, Wild Stone has pushed the envelope further, this time our chap wins over young moms. All along it was only babes, then our hero started attracting married women, and that the woman is married was only suggested. Now, it’s open season, every woman is fair game. I guess we’ll soon see aunties and grannies swooning over the dudes.


The ad itself is stupid and poorly shot. Our man plays football with the kids. He doesn’t win the match, but his topless avatar gets the mommies’ glad eye. My worry is this nonsense might actually be working with a certain section of men, which is why it continues. So please carry on, but can you quit hitting on Hindi film classics? Let at least some things in life remain sacred.


Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 0.5 I need to get wildly stoned to appreciate this creative.


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