Broadcasters-advertisers bhai-bhai?!

17 Jul,2013


By A Correspondent


Frenetic activity has been on to hammer out an amicable and workable solution to the television measurement imbroglio.


While advertisers are adamant, broadcasters who MxMIndia spoke to, also believe that the environment is much in favour of a settlement. “The market’s bad and a withdrawal of any advertising will be like the final nail on the coffin,” said the sales head of one of the networks. “Also, it’s not just the seven broadcast networks which will suffer, the entire television sector will go down.”


But a back channel has been initiated and a compromise is imminent. A senior employee of a network who is not a participant of the discussions informed that one thinking is to get broadcasters to agree to weekly ratings and advertisers to accept CPT. The debate will be on niche and news channels. While broadcasters insist on monthly issue of numbers, advertisers don’t want any of that. “I don’t belong to a news channel, but why don’t they agree to a middle-ground like fortnightly release for news and niche players,” said the employee.


An industry analyst is hopeful of a compromise because broadcasters have traditionally wanted a more frequent release of numbers, in fact at one time they even desired a daily release. Also, CPT is a proposition made by advertisers and media agencies in the first place.


What’s important is that all parties must sit together agree to either work with the BARC technical committee or set up an interim joint industry committee/body.


“Any further loss of time will cause much damage to the entire broadcast sector as people have already started weighing the efficacy of the medium over others,” a senior broadcaster told MxMIndia.


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