Amith Prabhu: Events that make our profession worth being part of

29 Jul,2013

By Amith Prabhu


Until three years ago the Indian PR fraternity did not have more than a couple of sporadic national events to look upto on an annual basis. Then came the IPRCCC that a leading trade media group put together. However, this was held in New Delhi and has since become a day-long annual feature. November of 2012 was a watershed year as two events emerged that hopefully will go onto becoming annual programmes.


While I’m personally involved with one I am sure the other two are trying their best to add value to the profession. The question that crops up very often is why attend the same event, meet the same people and listen to the same speakers year on year? Is it worth the time, effort and money?


I write this column to build a case for events that enhance us as individuals and our profession when we come together to share and learn from each other. I see the following reasons why one should attend:

a) Meet fellow professionals from other organizations and exchange ideas

b) Take a break of a different kind in an exciting destination

c) Support the cause of the profession by coming together

d) Create memories with friends in a relaxed yet professional setting

e) Listen to world-class keynote speakers, panelists and workshop presenters

f) Gain new knowledge and enhance learning in the process

g) Be exposed to the greatness of the profession and take home inspiration

h) Experience first-hand the future of the profession through meaningful interaction

i) Discuss new approaches to Public Relations with professionals across the spectrum and lastly to

j) Celebrate the profession of Public Relations.


Amith Prabhu is the founder of The PRomise Foundation which organises PRAXIS – the annual summit for PR & Corp Comm professionals in India. During the day he is a full time employee at a leading Public Relations firm in their Chicago office. He spent the first eight years of his post graduation career in India and is in the US for two years of which he has completed 18 months. Views expressed here are the author’s own and don’t represent those of his past, present, future employer or of MxMIndia. You can connect with him on Twitter @amithpr

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