AdStrat: Verito Vibe: Sporty & Sensible

15 Jul,2013

Name of the campaign/ad: Verito Vibe: Everybody Loves Sport


The Brief: The brief was to showcase the sporty styling of the Verito Vibe and also link it back to the mature, sensible virtues of the Verito


Research insights: Motorists in India are growing fed up of road indiscipline, road rage and lack of tolerance towards fellow motorists, besides one-upmanship in terms of racing and not giving way to others. Responsible motoring and a sporting attitude towards others is the need of the hour. Mahindra & Mahindra wanted to tap into this insight through this ad.


The thought process behind the creative: While showcasing the beauty of the car, it was also important to bring out the brand personality of the vehicle through its owner. The sporting nature of the Verito Vibe owner and his responsible road habits were captured by tackling two examples commonly seen on Indian roads – one-upmanship by refusing to give way or allow other motorists to overtake and disrespect towards traffic rules.


Media vehicles chosen: TV, print, digital


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: The attempt was to strike a right balance between the sporty styling of the Verito Vibe car, at the same time establish the personality of the brand through the owner.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? While most car ads talk about the product features and assiciated benefits, the Verito Vibe ad also carries a message – that of being a good sport on the roads and being a responsible motorist.


Robby Mathew

Agency comment: Robby Mathew, National Creative Director – Interface Communications

“The challenge was to clad the sportiness of the Verito Vibe with a solid emotional quality. Nowadays, when outracing and outshining others is seen as a virtue, this young man who chooses to lose just so that a little boy’s dad can win, is like a breath of fresh air. It reflects his generosity and the confidence he has in himself and his machine. Importantly, the film celebrates values that are unfortunately becoming extinct in our country”.



Vivek Nayer

Client comment: Mr. Vivek Nayer, Chief Marketing Officer – Automotive Division, M&M Ltd. says:

“The Verito Vibe compact sedan carries forward the DNA of the Verito – offering the best in class cabin space, excellent drive quality , great boot space, reliable performance, solid safety and excellent mileage.


In addition, it  is a sportier avatar, with some first in class styling elements such as light-streaming LED tail lamps and honeycomb champagne alloy wheels – features that one would usually find in high end luxury cars.  We have thus positioned it as a sporty compact sedan.  At the same time, we wanted to bring out the heritage of Verito. The act of “being a good sport” is a younger, more playful rendition of “Grow Up to Verito” which has been the tagline of the Verito.


The “Everybody Loves a Sport” campaign depicts how the young Vibe owner is a sport and is also very sensible & responsible on the road.  Thus it links Vibe with the core Verito values of being sensible & mature.”


Agency credits:

Creative Agency: Interface Communication

Creative Team: Robby Mathew, Alan Rego, Ashok Giri

Client Servicing Team: Joe Thaliath, Shireen Cama, Santosh Ramaswamy, Goutham Ram

Planning Team: Vidyadhar Wabgaonkar, Rahul Gujarathi, Anuja Dani

Films Team: Alpha Jobalia, Mazhar Khan

Production House: Thinkpot Films

Director: Manoj Pillai

Producer: Murali Govindan


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