1 Minute View: Why the Public Relations folks need to take some lessons on PR themselves

26 Jul,2013

It’s unfortunate that it happens this way. This writer knew of a dentist who had an awful set of teeth. An oncologist who was with afflicted with the Big C. A dietician who was obese. A chef who wouldn’t eat most of things in the world. So, one shouldn’t feel too bad about public relations folks not being good with PR themselves.

Recently, a PR agency bagged an award but didn’t think it important enough to spread the word soonest. Which is fine, but yet another one woke up a few days late and requested for a mention. Not a healthy indicator of how good one is in the practice.

As you read this, the country’s PR frat is getting set to host its first internationally affiliated PR awards. And are they doing anything to promote it? We aren’t sure… we haven’t read much on it, but what we can tell you is that we – MxMIndia being the only media publication which covers the trade extensively – haven’t been invited.

Perhaps they don’t need the press out there. Perhaps they don’t think it’s important to maintain relations with all media. Whatever.

Perhaps they could do with some crash course in PR. Wot?

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