1 Minute View: Twitter kahin ka!

24 Jul,2013

Phew! That’s the one-word response we had on reading Vijay Mukhi’s ‘PoliTech’ column today. The information on how many followers that Narendra Modi and Shashi Tharoor have is known to everyone. However, the digging in that Mr Mukhi has done in his analysis is an eye-opener.


The followers of followers, the number of tweets sent by followers, how many followers have joined in the recent past, how long have these followers been on Twitter, etc etc etc.


It’s also interesting to see the number of common followers that both Messrs Modi and Tharoor have.


Mind you, it’s not that Mr Mukhi had some special access to data provided by Twitter. It’s information that’s available in the public domain and you just need to know how to dig into it.


The bottomline is that if you thought Politician X is going to win the forthcoming elections just because he or she has hajaar followers, perish the thought. If you thought Politician Y has a great connect with the youth, perish the thought. What he or she may have is connects with is a slew of human robots whose only job it is to be on Twitter. They could be sitting anywhere in the world and have no real linkage with the election process.


Yet, there is the Congress which feels the need to deploy much energy and monies to be active in the social media.


All of this is good news for those who specialize in the craft. And if nothing else, the enthusiasm that our political order has ensures good business for digital and social media players. Cheers to that!


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