1 Minute View: Tweetndorsements!

17 Jul,2013

Marketers are forever looking for ways and means to maximize their sales. Nothing wrong with it.


And celebrities, not knowing how long their starpower will last, want to make the most of their fame and brand value.


It’s interesting hence that as a report on MxMIndia today stated, people are open to paying stars for endorsements via Twitter. There’s nothing wrong with this, one would think except that there should be a full disclosure. For, even though followers on Twitter are mostly not solicited, Twitter affords an opportunity for a one-to-one dialogue. Many celebs aren’t willing to do paid tweets saying their relationship with followers on Twitterverse is personal and they don’t want to exploit that.


For marketers, using tweets for endorsements, that’s possibly the biggest thing to worry about. Could a plug via a tweet result in a negative rub-off? That’s not an easy call, wot?!


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