1 Minute View: Taproot gets more rooted

03 Jul,2013



It was heartening to know of the appointment of Umesh Shrikhande as Chief Executive Officer of creative powerhouse Taproot India.


For any creative enterprise to succeed, its creative talent must be allowed to flourish and not get bogged by the nitty gritty of running the business. In Mr Shrikhande, the Taproot co-founders Agnello Dias and Santosh Padhi have got someone who has similar values and rooted to reality.


Now the effort would be to grow the business and the organization, make it a more well-rounded agency and ensure it stays as nimble as it is now.


And who will he report to? As per Mr Padhi: “Though on paper, he will report to Aggie, he is not hired for that… he has been hired to take certain calls and just inform us and keep us in the loop”.  According to the information we had when the Dentsu stake buy happened last year, Taproot was to stay independent within the Dentsu system.


But those are finer details. What’s important is for a collective effort to take the agency to the next level. Win more business, win more awards, do great work and have a large set of happy clients.


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