1 Minute View: TAM goes monthly for some. And weekly for the rest

11 Jul,2013

It’s a twist to the tale pulled out from the books of the various soaps that you see on entertainment television. After the tu-tu-main-main like the kind you find on news television, TAM has decided to offer monthly data and in the CPT format to those desirous of it. This is with immediate effect. However, those who don’t want that, will get it weekly.


Bizarre. We asked a few media agency biggies and bizarre and weird are the words they used. And added: whether you report weekly or monthly, we will use the metric that we  think is appropriate for our advertisers.


Evidently, we haven’t heard the last on this one. Also, the whole idea of two different sets of numbers coming in – weekly and monthly, could only lead to more confusion. Note this move is not a result of the series of meetings that the various stakeholders (the ISA, AAAI, IBF and TAM) have been having over the last few weeks. There is reportedy no consensus yet from those meetings.


However, what is a welcome move is that a settlement has been found to the problem and all stakeholders can now wait for the BARC-managed measurement regime to commence.


On its part, TAM – a joint venture of Nielsen and WPP-owned Kantar, issued a statement from a spokesperson saying: “TAM, purely as an act of professionalism, is fulfilling and respecting its contractual duties and obligations that it is bound by, with individual broadcaster clients. This decision is basis individual client letter requests received by TAM from only specific few TV Channels.  Data for all other TV Channels will be reported as earlier.”


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