1 Minute View: Shed excess baggage and prosper!

30 Jul,2013

The moral of the story from the Television 18 and Network 18 first quarter results just out is simple: get out of non-core activities, clean up your act, get business to improve and prosper.


If there’s an Indian media company that grew and spread too fast through the 2000s, it’s been Network18. When the investments were being made, we all thought they were super and the way to go for a company that desires to be a mega-empire. So in a sense, it’s not just the Network18 management that got it wrong, even if we there at that position, we would’ve possibly chosen that route.


But having figured what’s in the best interests of the company, it’s best to shed the excess baggage. Make some money from it possible, and get your account books looking good. And, if in this time ad volumes shore up and revenues from subscription leapfrog, the books sparkle even more.


This is what NDTV did some years back when they sold the NDTV Imagine slew of channels and also shed some staff.


In all of this, care needs to be taken on how the excess baggage is shed, especially when it concerns employees who could be adversely impacted for no fault of theirs.


Meanwhile, for the folks at Television 18 and Network 18, it’s time to bring out the bubbly.


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