1 Minute View: Service & Price for better loyalty

08 Jul,2013

There are many of us who get attracted to loyalty cards and schemes. There’s always that pull of discounts and special offers or gifts. But there’s also the desire to collect cards, and have a wallet full of them. Whatever be the attraction, the fact is that loyalty cards are exceedingly popular and do help induce some purchase. A lot of it purposeful, but a fair bit pointless. No pun intended.


However, it’s critical for retailers or service providers to realize that that just issuing loyalty cards isn’t enough to lock in customers. What’s important is that the points or discounts offered must be meaningful and not a means to build a database so as to hawk more products or schemes.


Loyalty schemes are good to have, but those in the business are aware that there’s a lot more that works to build a relationship with consumers.


For a host of them, it’s price and then service that plays a crucial role and building loyalties. The neighbourhood provisions store will bring you even a one rupee pen refill that your child suddenly realizes the need for at 9pm, but the big stores will door-deliver it only if there’s a minimum billing.


Price is important, but so’s the service. And in a country where labour is cheap, nothing works better than home delivery.


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