1 Minute View: Retro way to the top?

04 Jul,2013

It’s interesting to see 92.7 Big FM Mumbai turn to Hindi retro for its music. As it discovered in Delhi, the differentiator helped it rise to the Top 3. Last month it switched to retro in Mumbai, and we are sure it hopes to repeat the magic there too.


Differentiation is the only route for the FM radio to succeed. As Radio One would’ve figured to its disappointment, moving from a niche English play to the same hit formula of all other stations is of not much use. Radio One has since switched back to English, and reaping the benefits even though ratings may be small.


But Hindi retro is not like English: it can get you the masses especially with a large number of those who have grown listening to these. Also given the variety of remixes done on the oldies, one can be sure that the younger gen will also not take unkindly to them.


With Phase 3 round the corner (well, it’s been that for a while now), one can expect a lot of more excitement on radio. We aren’t quite sure when independent news will happen on private FM, though for now, everyone appears to be happy with just cultural affairs and traffic updates.


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