1 Minute View: Much ado about Modi’s social presence

10 Jul,2013

There is no doubting that BJP election mascot Narendra Modi has been lightyears ahead of the rest of the politicians when it comes to deploying modern technology to project himself.


So whether it was a 3D avatar of himself in the run-up to the State elections or if it was reaching out to the world via Google Hangout, Mr Modi has done it all.


He was the first to reach out to all and sundry on the occasion of Navratri and Vibrant Gujarat some years ago, and he was also among the earliest to figure that a presence on social media was an imperative for the present day politician.


However, to say that Mr Modi is going to get the BJP back to power given his popularity in the social network is being foolhardy. We aren’t for once suggesting that this is because his followers aren’t for real. But it’s just that the people who flock the social media do not necessarily represent the masses.


In order to tell us more about how our politicians and political parties are doing on the Worldwide Web, MxMIndia has invited internet guru and evangelist Vijay Mukhi to write a fortnightly column called PoliTech. In fact click here, to read his views on the issue.


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