1 Minute View: Linking in with LinkedIn

09 Jul,2013

Getting your profile updated on LinkedIn is a near-must-have for every professional. There are of course many who don’t do it fearing that their bosses and organizations would think they are looking for a job. Over the years though, and in the words of its country manager for India Nishant Rao, LinkedIn has moved on from being a “looking-out-for-jobs offering” to being used for a variety of other things.


“What people are also realising is that the more you fill your profiles and keep it fresh, the more the opportunities that are presented. In fact according to a research that we conducted, jobs was the No 5,” Mr Rao said at the International Association of Advertisers (India Chapter) webinar held last month.


Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, said Mr Rao, can be used for a lot more than just jobs. And the starting point is to build one’s profile on the site.


But just having several connections is not the solution to success via such platforms. There’s no alternative to a good educational qualification, quality work experience and overall knowledge and proven expertise. Once you have these, networking sites can help you get to the top.




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