1 Minute View: Educational Shops UnLtd

23 Jul,2013

It is not surprising that advertisements inserted by educational institutions lead in the list of misleading ads by ad self-regulator Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI). The ASCI’s Consumer Complainst Council upheld complaints against 123 ads and a shocking 56 percent of these were from the education sector.

Note: 70 of 123 education ads were misleading. This was for the month of May 2012, the peak season for education in all parts of the country.

The reason why these are on expected lines is because for too long we have seen fly-by-night operators proliferating in this sector and even some of the genuine ones slip in a tall claim to push their business.

While we are not grudging the entrepreneurs returns on their investment, what’s definitely not on is taking people for a ride. There are thousands who put in all their savings for their admission of their children, only to learn that they’ve been conned.

One of the reasons why many of these institutions are able to get away with their questionable practices is that many in our news media turn a blind eye towards them. Since the education shops are heavy advertisers, the papers and channels do not want to displease them and lose revenue.

Time for soul-searching somewhere?


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