1 Minute View: Can Vijay Mallya make a comeback?

18 Jul,2013

We all know that Vijay Mallya’s empire has been down in the dumps. Kingfisher Airlines, which got his image to fly high, also eventually brought him down.


Can he stage a comeback? Of course he can, but it’s going to be an uphill task. A comeback needs a fair amount of humility, and from what we’ve known of him till now, Dr Mallya lacks that.


Losing control of the flagship United Breweries was decidedly the last straw.


What next?

He needs to pick up the threads, and get back.

Not get cocky, do so with humility.

A flamboyant lifestyle gets you to the Page 3 circuit but the society likes and celebrates achievers.

And Dr Mallya isn’t one.

He was one, but he lost it.

We’ll be delighted to see him back.

Even as the odds are stacked against him.


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