Speaking of Which | The Importance of Being Coherent

14 Jun,2013

By Vidya Heble


This is the story of a press release. Once upon a time someone wanted to send out an announcement. This can be done in various ways – fact-efficient and to the point; or laden with company info and logos in headers and footers but with enough information that the copy editor can relatively easily pull out a story after hacking away the extra foliage.


Sometimes however, one sees releases that quite simply boggle the mind. There is one from an outdoor agency, which gives us nothing more than a handful of opinions and a sort of teaser to a story. One can do nothing with this.


Then there was one that turned up and gripped my consciousness to the extent that only speaking about it in Speaking of Which can provide relief. Copy editors are used to prising out facts deeply buried under verbiage, but here the main fact, the story itself, wasn’t even there. We had to surmise what it was. The whole thing, even after three reads, sounded like inebriated thoughts that someone had, “creatively” perhaps, jotted down.


We should not name the organization or any of the people – so I have given them generic names; the people are called by standard character names from Hindi films. This is how the release began, and how it ended, verbatim. Only the proper names have been changed, and identifying words replaced in square brackets. Read every word, and vow never to write like this.



“The definition of advertising and marketing is changing , o is the definition of mediums be it tvc, print or design, they have to blend in very well to push the brand in the new age market, each medium is depended on the other for the impact of the brand, that’s the reality today where design have started playing a major in India as well.


Design is relatively new compared to other mediums in our country, brands have discovered the need of great design at every consumer interface, There is a great need of design and aesthetics while keeping the brand philosophy in mind in a clutter and massive market like ours.


Company So-and-So has grown to be one of the upcoming [organizations] in India today, For last one year or so we have been toying around and have been taking good amount of [certain] projects and clients on board, only when we felt we are ready today to launch a new vertical we have decided to announced,  we have a great set up right sets of people from [one function] and [another function] as well,


Raj who has recently joined Company So-and-So as [designation], will be involved in Company So-and-So’s Baby as well, as he has spend some time in [other functions] as well This will be fronted by Amit and Vijay along with Raj who will take care of the [Raj’s function].


Like the philosophy of Company So-and-So in design too, Two or at least one, out of Three senior guys will be directly involved in the each and every thing that comes out of this unit.


Company So-and-So’s Baby, a brand consultancy focused on multiplying your brand & business growth. Because what we define should keep your brand alive for years to come. Give your brand enough opportunities to leverage. With an eclectic mix of exciting experiences, nurture a loyal audience.


From defining a path to growth to creating a name, nomenclature, verbal & visual language, packaging, tangible retail engagement and viral content for the virtual world. Company So-and-So’s Baby combines intuitive force to achieve objective growth. Applies behavioral insight to create a world of meaningful brand rituals. Grooms consumer communities for cultural action.


Over the last few months of undercover existence; Company So-and-So’s Baby, has squared with strengths of [various brands and clients – one whose name was misspelled].”



The first two paragraphs sound like quotes that should be attributed to someone. What the actual announcement is, is never stated. All the sentences are disjointed, often incoherent. Two paragraphs from the end, it sounds like a pitch to a client instead of a news release.


We don’t know what went wrong, but we hope something did. We hope this is not what the organization thinks is a press release.


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