Point of View: Time for TRM to measure television?

27 Jun,2013

By Amit Nevrekar


It was seen that when TAM was suspended for a few weeks last year, Agencies and Broadcasters relied on social media, Facebook, Twitter for content likeness, especially for new launches.


Tapping this phenomenon, can we have similar measurement which is not restricted to Facebook, Twitter but open to all masses pan-India at a minimal research cost. I’m talking about mobile phone medium which has the highest penetration of 900 million+ connections.


It could simply work with unique 5-7 digit telecodes randomly generated everyday and displayed on channels’ programmes.


The audiences would just need to give one ring/ missed call to assign their likes. It could also have the capability to accept comments via SMS and post on Facebook.


The motivation to give missed calls can be done through channel promotions, contests etc. USSD questionnaire could be sent to these audiences to collect basic demographic information.


The benefit of this method is that you could even understand content likeliness at individual market level like Kolhapur, Nashik, Nagpur etc. The main differentiation is that it’s actual audience response, NOT a sample survey and is independent of mode of access and place of viewing. IPL could easily get more missed calls than gross eyeballs over the 45 days period. It could be termed as ‘Television Response Measurement’ or  TRM.


It would be better to have such study rather than each broadcaster and agency conducting their own research through different research agencies, till BARC rating system is rolled out.


Amit Nevrekar is COO, AdoRoi Inc and co-author, The Advertising Mess


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6 responses to “Point of View: Time for TRM to measure television?”

  1. Arpita says:

    Interesting but this would still be a number-based measure and not reflective of viewer profile

  2. RJ says:

    Your point of view is worth taking into consideration but completely doesnt take into account user behaviour. Why would someone give a missed call while watching content on a television ? Are you incentivising him then the data is biased as it really doesnt show a consumers interest. There must be another way that encompassess all data. Social media buzz is tracked by a lot of tools but really doesnt give a complete picture as it is difficult to track regional buzz and age group division if there is not actual integration with the platforms itself.

    • Amit Nevrekar says:

      RJ, TRM methodology is not meant to replace TAM viewership or even Estimate Reach, but its an engagement metric which will always be a subset of Reach. But it can definitely be used to Validate TAM viewership particularly for Niche Channels/ Programmes as “Likes” cannot be more than TAM “Reach” .The channels’ promotion & contest are only for an initial Cool Off period for the audiences to know why are the numbers displayed on screen, once they are aware, there will be no gratification and the data can be reported without any skew or bias.

  3. Ankur says:

    Interesting thought Amit. Missed call/call can be tracked to to understand engagement level of audience.

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