Muthoot Finance launches new ad campaign, ‘Prarthana’

10 Jun,2013

By A Correspondent


Gold loan company Muthoot Finance Ltd, the flagship company of The Muthoot Group, has rolled out a new advertising campaign, ‘Prarthana’, with the tag line ‘Sapney aapke, prarthana hamari’ that means ‘your aspirations, our inspirations’.


Conceptualized by the Delhi team of Grey Worldwide, the core objective of this campaign was to present Muthoot Finance as a company that goes beyond just the five minutes that a customer spends while making a transaction in a branch, into the company with a heart. In other words, when Muthoot Finance provides a gold loan to a customer, the customer is always given that loan by Muthoot Finance from the heart and with a prayer that whatever the customer wishes for comes true or gets fulfilled.


Alexander George Muthoot, Director, The Muthoot Group, said, “In today’s day of a transactional relationship between the marketer and the consumer, it was imperative for us to bring out the essence of our company – our essence of trust, of care and of being inclusive. As market leaders and competing at the same time with multiple competitors, it was important for us to differentiate ourselves. The product that we offer is the same but our philosophy is not. The new campaign talks not just about the fact that ‘we give gold loans for anything you need’ but talks about that we care about your dreams and when we give you a gold loan, we pray that the dream that you have seen comes true, essentially bringing forward the core thought of a loan with a heart.”


Amit Akali, National Creative Director & EVP, Grey India, said, “When we met the client for the pitch briefing, we realized that while most ‘Gold Loan’ companies were transactional and atypical moneylenders, almost Shylock like, Muthoot was clearly different. They came from the philosophy that when a client comes to you to pledge his gold, he’s come to you because of a problem, a need or a dream and they were there to find a solution. We did a ‘mystery shopper’ exercise to validate the same and realized that Muthoot employees actually behaved differently; they seemed more concerned about your problems, went out of their way to help, were polite and were ingrained with small ‘human’ practices, like handing out money only with their right hand. We were then ‘clear’ that we need a route that would allow us to bring alive these ‘intangibles’. That’s where the thought of Muthoot employees ‘praying’ for their clients dreams to be realized came from. When it came to the film, we wanted to keep it simple and ‘real’, with ‘real’ characters and show what they actually took loans for.”


To give the six-week campaign a holistic approach, Muthoot Finance has devised a 360-degree marketing campaign that includes Electronic, Print, Radio, Digital, Outdoor etc. The ad will be aired and published across India in local languages.


Agency: Grey Worldwide, Delhi

Client: Muthoot Finance

Client Team: Avinav Chaubey, Neha Verma

Agency Team: National creative Directors: Malvika Mehra & Amit Akali

Creative Directors: Amit Shankar, Uddalak Gupta & Vishnu Srivastav

Account Management: Dip Sengupta, Sanghamitra Chakraborty, Aditya Pare & Abhishek Kumar

Account Planning: Dheeraj Sinha & Divyapratap Mehta

Films: Samir Chadha & Sharad Shinde

Production House: Native Films

Director: Shirsha Guha Thakurta

Producer: Prithvi Raj Luthra


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