e-tailing websites saw 2253.35 million page views: IAMAI

04 Jun,2013

By A Correspondent


The Internet Economy Watch Report for the month of April 2013, released by the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), indicates 24.84 million people accessed various e-tailing sites. There were 2253.35 million page views in the category. The user reach for job and matrimonial websites is 13.28 million and 7.17 million respectively with 447.68 million and 104.99 million respective page views. As compared to e-tailing and job and matrimonial websites, online travel segment has less reach with 11.14 million reach and 477.52 million page views. The total time spent by users on the e-tailing, online job portals, online matrimonial portals and online travel portals was 52014276 seconds, 25687398 seconds, 7281667 seconds, and 22959918 seconds respectively.


Fig 1

Source: IAMAI/ Different websites


Report also states a significant y-o-y growth of 87 percent in online booking of railway tickets when compared with the numbers of corresponding month last year. Railway tickets booked online in April 2013 were 4.00 million as compared to 2.14 million in April 2012. The online bookings of air tickets witnessed a decrease of -37 percent with 0.57 million bookings in April 2013 as compared to 0.91 million bookings in April 2012.


Fig 2

Source: IAMAI/ Online Travel Portals


According to the data captured from major e-tailing sites in the monthly tracker, online visits to designer labels and book segments has increased by 58 percent and 76 percent respectively, when compared to the numbers of the corresponding month last year. A significant increase has been registered in the online users visit to mobile segment. The number of visits has increased to 7.07 million in April 2013 from 4.52 million in April 2012. The online users visit to spa and restaurant segment decreased from 0.57 million in April 2012 to 0.57 million in April 2013, a y-o-y decrease of 38 percent.


Fig 3

Source: IAMAI/e-Commerce sites


In April 2013, the number of profile uploads on matrimonial sites has indicated a y-o-y growth of 4 percent. The number of resume uploads in April 2013 was 1.06 million as compared to 1.09 million in corresponding month last year, a y-o-y decrease of 3 percent. The number of profile uploads on matrimonial websites was 0.64 million in April 2013 as compared to 0.62 million in April 2012.


Fig 4

Source: IAMAI/ Vertical Classifieds


The monthly internet tracker by IAMAI is based on absolute numbers captured from various relevant sites, and encapsulates online usage for E-tailing, Online Travel and Vertical Classifieds.


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