AdStrat: Zatak: Scenting change

03 Jun,2013

Pallavi Chakravarti, Associate Creative Director, Taproot India


Name of the campaign/ad: Har Attack Ka Jawab… Zatak


The Brief: In a cluttered category, the task at hand was to differentiate Zatak from all the other players in the market.


Research insights: Grooming is very, very important to our TG. But why is it important? Just to woo women? Or is there a need that goes beyond? A need that requires us to explore avenues other than the oft-used platform of girl-boy attraction? We learnt that the boys and young men we were targeting were extremely career-oriented and ambitious, eager to get ahead in life, despite their comparatively humble beginnings and backgrounds. Keeping this in mind, we realized that the role of a deodorant was much greater than that of a “chick magnet”. It was a confidence booster, an ally that would help them go forth and take on life.


The thought process behind the creative: For every young man out there, who wants to make it big in life, there will be someone who’ll want to pull him down. Aspersions will be cast on his ambitions, his capability, and yes, even his upbringing. The films are stylized stories, where the protagonist does in a dramatic manner what the brand gives him the confidence to do – face taunts and do well in life, despite discouragement from naysayers. Basically, deliver a ‘mooh tod jawab’ thanks to Zatak confidence.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: We wanted the ads to be engaging, entertaining and yet make a point. So while the idea was a relatable one, we decided to execute the ads in a quirky way. After all, nobody likes to be preached to.


Client comment: “Most deodorant brands are marketed on the plank of attraction, with Zatak we seek to recognize the changing face & broad basing of the Deodorant category. Zatak seeks to be a partner of todays’ youth, who irrespective of his background has aspirations to achieve more with life and for whom; a deo is a step in his preparation for life ahead,” said Sameer Satpathy, EVP & Business Head, Marico India.


Agency comment: “Your fragrance underlines who you are, how confident you are and what you’re capable of. In a world where people are waiting to pull you down, Zatak lets you make a statement and shut the naysayers up. Literally. Leading to the creative expression: Har Attack Ka Jawab… Zatak,” said Pallavi Chakravarti, Associate Creative Director, Taproot India.



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  1. Lionel Quinny says:

    It’s not a bad route to follow.. even some international competitors do the same. The ads are good just the taste of some people is not